1. Lokzo

    TREHALOSE: The Most Underrated Sugar On The Planet?

    Hey fam! I've been doing some deep dive into Trehalose, and this stuff is blowing me away. What is Trehalose: a crystalline disaccharide C12H22O11 that is found in various organisms (as fungi and insects), Trehalose is about half as sweet as sucrose, and is sometimes used as a sweetener in...
  2. A

    Trehalose Augments Neuron Survival and Improves Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury via mTOR-Independent Activation of Autophagy

    Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a major cause of irreversible nerve injury and leads to serious tissue loss and neurological dysfunction. Thorough investigation of cellular mechanisms, such as autophagy, is crucial for developing novel and effective therapeutics. We administered trehalose, an...
  3. haidut

    Fungal Sugar (trehalose) May Treat Fatty Liver Disease

    Ray wrote in one of his recent newsletters about mushrooms and their beneficial effects on human health (if well cooked). In particular, he wrote about the sugar trehalose found exclusively in mushrooms and how it stabilizes the cells of the animals that eat it. This study now says that eating...
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