transit time

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    Cholinergics are the only thing that makes my digestion move

    Trying to figure out a good solution for a dilemma I have. On one hand, I don’t like taking nicotine because of the dependence factor and potential for negative hormonal impact On the other, the cholinergic stimulation (I assume) is seemingly the only thing that makes my digestion move. On...
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    Coffee & Constipation

    Am I the only one here for whom coffee sometimes causes constipation? I notice that when I stop drinking it, and switch to tea, my transit time improves dramatically. Does anyone know why this happens? My only guess is that the nervous system activation from the caffeine is somehow having a...
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    Forming Bulk

    When I eat grains, my stool becomes bulkier, which is obviously good, because it feels like more bacterial junk is being carried out with it. But eating grains comes with its own problems, at least for me, and so I can't eat them on a regular basis. I don't seem to have problems with white...