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  1. username

    After I work out with moderate intensity I sleep very poorly and get very anhedonic, depressed, and anxious. What is my body telling me?

    I will probably post some questions about this again in the future as I am extremely tired, anhedonic, depressed, and feel like I am always on the cusp of a panic attack (though I never actually have one), so I don't know if I can't really flesh this out. I am a male of 29 years. 5'10". 185lb...
  2. haidut

    Bees Are Capable Of Higher Learning Just Like Humans

    Peat wrote a few times about experiments with spiders and bees where the results showed that those organisms are perfectly capable of higher intelligence and can perform arithmetic operations, as well as guess intentions, plan for the future and even use tools. That last trait has been ascribed...
  3. P

    Acute Effects Of Concentric And Eccentric Exercise On Glucose Metabolism And Interleukin-6 Concentra

    Acute effects of concentric and eccentric exercise on glucose metabolism and interleukin-6 concentration in healthy males Acute muscle-damaging eccentric exercise (EE) negatively affects glucose metabolism. On the other hand, long-term eccentric endurance exercise seems to result in equal or...
  4. P

    Hormonal Responses From Concentric And Eccentric Muscle Contractions

    Hormonal responses from concentric and eccentric muscle contractions. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Intense resistance exercise can acutely increase testosterone (T), free testosterone (FT), and growth hormone (GH) concentrations, but there are few investigations concerning acute endocrine...
  5. P

    Zinc And Silicon Metabolism In Highly Trained Athletes During Heavy Exercise

    [Zinc and silicon metabolism in highly trained athletes during heavy exercise]. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Trained male athletes were under study. It was found that under the effect of physical stress during the contest in ski race (30 and 50 km) the increase of the zink and silicon levels in...