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tracking food

  1. Blossom

    An Alternative To Cronometer [tracking Foods]

    I discovered a new online nutrition calculator http://www.acaloriecounter.com that seems like a good alternative to http://www.cronometer.com. I'm liking a calorie counter because there are no annoying adds and I was able to easily put in my own calorie goal range and macronutrient range instead...
  2. B

    Tracking my diet online?

    I had not used it in ages but I have a food log on PaleoTrack.com that I have just started using again to help me figure out where I am and what adjustments I need to make now that I have started following some of Ray Peats recomendations. It tells me the carbs, protein and fat (broken down into...
  3. BingDing

    Tracking Salt, Sugar And The Like

    This is a pretty simple idea, but it has worked for me. On Jan 14 I measured out 1/2 cup of salt into my salt shaker, on 1/25 it was gone, so about 2 tsp/day. On 1/21 I measured out 1 cup of sugar, on 1/26 it was gone so about 3 TBS = 36g per day. x quarts of milk or oj every y days is similar.