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  1. K

    + Altered Mitochondrial Function in Gadolinium Deposition Disease (from MRI contrast dye) +

  2. BodhiBlues

    Fluoride to be added to all UK Tap Water

    After announcing that folic acid will be added to all white flour the other day, now the government are announcing that fluoride is to be added to the entire UK tap water supply. It is already added in certain areas, but I have been able to avoid it where I live. The government continues to...
  3. RealNeat

    What's hiding in your staple "Peat" foods?..

    I got the idea for this thread after thinking about the large quantities of salt used in most cheese. I asked, "what if the salt they use has added iodine or flowing agents, as often times it just says 'salt' as an added ingredient." This lead me to this cheese making suggestion article. This...