1. ivy

    HairDAO and Ralf Paus' latest research project

    I came across this website and was thrilled to see that Paus continues to research thyroid hormones and hair, and aims at producing topical t3 and t4 products, if toxicity is ruled out: Study details: View...
  2. C

    How to best Apply topicals with the hand?

    While there's already a consensus on what parts of the body topical supplements should be applied to, I don't believe if it's been mentioned how to use the hand to apply these topicals Do you guys use the palm of the hand, or the finger tips? Do you rub them thoroughly onto the selected area...
  3. G


    HI all. I have a good source of DHEA and DMSO that I've been wanting to mix so i can experiment with topical application on the legs. Can you provide me with some resources that will help me in the process? i think i saw @Hans post about it before but i cant find it.
  4. G

    Topicals on Arteries to Maximize Follicle Exposure

    These questions are partially related to my ongoing experiment of applying DHEA and Progesterone to my scalp for hair regrowth. I have an idea about the location of topicals, and I wanted to get some thoughts on it because I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to human anatomy...
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