1. haidut

    Vitamin E reduces exercise-induced muscle damage

    Nothing much to add here and the article title is essentially identical to my post. I am mostly posting this as a possible "remedy" for the many people who engage in endurance exercise, usually with the (misguided) goal to lose weight. As the study says, the effects of vitamin E are most...
  2. T

    Now Foods Vitamin E 400 mixed tocopherols experiences and reviews

    Hey all, I'm using Now Foods E-400 vitamin E mixed tocopherols and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this vitamin E, any good or bad reviews? It's this product if link is allowed, if not, moderators please remove it: Now Foods, E-400 with Mixed Tocopherols, 268 mg (400 IU), 250...
  3. haidut

    TocoVit - Liquid Vitamin E From Wheat Germ Oil

    Edit (January 25, 2023): Just a quick note that we have changed the TocoVit formulation to no longer use MCT oil as the solvent/dilutent. Instead, TocoVit now uses extra-virgin organic olive oil (EVOOO) - the same oil used as a solvent in one of the Kuinone formulations. Everything else remains...
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