1. H

    Afraid of taking prescription tianeptine

    Hello, Just some context (go down for the tianeptine part) : I lost lot of money on cryptos in december. I had to find a job very quickly, in a field that I don't enjoy anymore (IT) to pay debts and give back money to friends, brother, banks. I really thought I would NEVER EVER go back to an...
  2. Hans

    How To Boost Dopamine Receptors

    Hi all, Not only can dopamine levels be an issue, but also dopamine sensitivity. Often times there can be a dopamine hypo-sensitivity, so I've written an article on how to increase dopamine receptors. Dopamine receptors: 14 Best supplements and practices and to increase it » MenElite Let me...
  3. S

    Tianeptine Vs Escitalopram

    Influence of anxiety symptoms on improvement of neurocognitive functions in patients with major depressive disorder: A 12-week, multicenter, random... - PubMed - NCBI http://tinyurl.com/hyuogod
  4. H

    Tianeptine Source

    Do you have a good source? Do you take any other supplements?
  5. haidut

    Zinc Acts Similar To Tianeptine And Blocks SSRI Drug Effects

    Basically, the study says that zinc increases serotonin uptake, making it a "SERT" drug acting in a manner opposite to SSRI drugs. The study even compared zinc effects to some well-known SSRI drugs. I thought that was pretty cool, and a possible alternative for people with no access to...
  6. A

    Tianeptine Is Awesome

    we live in such a sick society that this drug works like a charm for me, and the only way I can get it by buying it on eBay...does anyone know a drug that may function in a similar manner that I can actually convince my doctor to prescribe me in the U.S.? tianeptine makes any tension i have go...
  7. S

    Experiences With Tianeptine?

    Has any one here used Tianeptine before? Would you recommend it? Is there a safe and reliable way to acquire it here in North America? I've been dealing with Anhedonia, listlessness and emotional numbness which I believe was caused by SSRI drugs (Prozac, cipralex, Effexor, Cymbalta). At the...
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