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  1. M

    Starting Thyroid T4/T3 Compounded

    Hello all, I recently talked about my doctor treating my recent thyroid labs which were: TSH 4.9 range: .40 -4.50 T4 1.1 range: 0.8-1.8 T3 3.3 range: 2.3-4.2 R T3 7 range:8-25 There were many dose options of T4/T3 & many ratios. I’m starting on a compounded dose of...
  2. M

    Thyroid Pharmacy Multiple Dose Options

    TSH- 4.9 range- |.40-4.50| Free T4- 1.1 range- |0.8-1.8| Free T3- 3.3 range- |2.3-4.2| Reverse T3- 7 range- |8-25 Based on my lab numbers above ..before I trust my doctors word on taking my life into his hands; Does anyone have experience with understanding my labs &...
  3. Mr Joe

    Famous young influencer announce assisted suicide (DID)

    In the following thread a girl is talking about her "multiple personality disorder". She is saying basically that she was diagnosed depressive at the age of 8 and then suffered from "malnutrition". Later on, she was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. And now she is pointing that one...
  4. M

    Recent thyroid labs *need advice*

    28 year old male. 6’4 200lbs Recent blood draw. Thyroid has always been a part of me for about 3 years under a doctors care. I was always on levo+liothyronine which was t4/t3 dosing(38/9 & went up to 57/12.5) (always felt great) Over a year ago i switched to dessicated from synthetic ( had...
  5. 3

    Tyromix vs cynoplus // idealabs thyroid testimonials and results

    hi. unfortunately i cannot get cynomel and cynoplus in my country are the idealabs thyroid supps (tyromix and tyromax) viable alternatives? in a call Ray had with a user on this forum (Heartbroken - Dr. Peat has passed) the user mentioned owning idealabs thyroid and Ray suggested using a...
  6. Vileplume

    NDT and T3 cause bloating, cynoplus doesn’t—why?

    I believe I am hypothyroid, because I have a chronically low body temperature, and many of the hypothyroid symptoms Dr. Broda Barnes identified—constipation, early hair loss, poor memory, sluggish thinking. I can take 2 grains of cynoplus (4:1 T4:T3) with no issue. However, it doesn’t raise my...
  7. RealNeat

    Why is sporadic thyroid use bad?

    Hans Selye seems to recommend quite a strict protocol for thyroid supplementation. I understand wanting to bring someone's thyroid back to where is should be but it seems the overwhelming advice is to stay consistent. However, as Ray has mentioned several times people used to regularly eat...
  8. Hans

    The Unexpected Downsides of Resveratrol as an Aromatase Inhibitor

  9. M

    Stopping 1 grain thyroid cold turkey

    started 1 grain of NP to lower my TSH. I used iodine for a month which increased my t3 to 3.7. T4 to 1.1 but my tsh was 15. Its usually 4. Ive been getting more hypo since starting thyroid. Hair is dry still shedding. Libido is tanked. Hand tremor constant pulsating by neck. Nervous energy. But...
  10. Jonnie

    Mom responds badly to progest-E & Thyroid

    My mom gets a flunky heartbeat and hears her pulse in her ears when she takes progest-E and/or thyroid (I have naturally desiccated). Also, in the past 6 months her blood pressure went from 130 to 170. I find it odd that progest-E makes her uneasy and stressed — it should to the opposite. The...
  11. EnergeticLeo

    Can anyone help me find this study that Ray references?

    Ray talks about a group of women trying to lose weight who were found to be able to gain weight on even 700 calories a day, where the food was controlled in metabolic wards. He mentions it here, for example: View: https://youtu.be/yylOTFJFxko?t=1203 Does anyone know what study he's referring...
  12. EnergeticLeo

    Does any have a digital copy of "Hypoglycemia: It's Not Your Mind, It's Your Liver [Broda Barnes]"? Thanks!

    Does any have a digital copy of "Hypoglycemia: It's Not Your Mind, It's Your Liver [Broda Barnes]"? Thanks! The horrific news of Ray's passing has further intensified my own drive to get better and help others.
  13. R

    Recovery from overmedication of Thyroid Hormone

    Hey guys, I would appreciate some help crowd sourcing this issue I'm having. I have family history of thyroid issues and after reading Broda Barnes' book I was a full believer on what was ailing me. I took his dosing advice and tracked temp and pulse to figure out the dose. I started at 1/2...
  14. tastyfood

    I started taking less T4 and I tanked my Reverse T3 (RT3) below detectable levels

    I've always had pretty "good" RT3 results despite taking north of 100 mcg of T4 per day. The range is 9.2-24.1 ng/dL. I've had results as low a 7.4 while taking this much T4 (about 125mcg per day), and it typically coincided with lower cortisol results. So, this time, I had been experimenting...
  15. Hans

    Optimize your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio with thyroid

  16. Hans

    The easiest way to optimize DHT (thyroid optimization)

  17. haidut

    Disrupting mitochondrial function can cause severe anemia

    Most doctors consider anemia mostly an iron-related issue, despite the fact that iron supplementation often fails to correct the condition, even in people with true iron deficiency anemia (e.g. low iron saturation index, low ferritin, high transferin). The role of bioenergetics is rarely...
  18. haidut

    Hypothyroidism, deficiency of calcium, vitamin D/B12 may cause hair graying

    Yet another study/article that reports a link between bioenergetics and hair color. Premature graying has been one of the fastest-growing "epidemics" over the last 20 years in developed countries. While a connection with stress has been suggested by numerous studies, mainstream medicine has...
  19. PeskyPeater

    Thyroid damaging goitrogens

    Abstract Cruciferous vegetables are primary sources of dietary isothiocyanates (ITCs), a group of phytochemicals showing promising cancer-chemopreventive activities in multiple cancer models. However, no study has thoroughly examined how cooking affects the yields of ITCs from cruciferous...