1. RealNeat

    The carrot salad doesn't need to have any beta carotene at all.

    Carrots come in different colors one of which is yellow/ white. There is no reason why that carrot shouldn't be just as therapeutic as the orange carrots. It may be a bit harder to find but one can even grow them themselves if they order some heirloom carrot seeds. Ray also didn't utilize that...
  2. M

    Has Anyone Successfully Raised/Improved Thyroid Naturally?

    Would like to hear some stories from anyone here that naturally lowered their TSH & improved T3 & T4 What were some of your techniques or supplementation regime that you incorporated to do so
  3. youngsinatra

    Excess Vitamin A Tanks Thyroid Function

    There are very interesting studies on the relationship between vitamin A and thyroid function. This study fascinates me the most: I plan on posting more studies on vitamin A & thyroid function here. (I know the HED is...
  4. M

    Dosing Thyroid Throughout The Day: Does It Help Adrenals?

    Will dosing thyroid throughout the day help balance the adrenals as well? Im trying to get through this uneven surge of energy & low energy state. Taking the one dose in the morning is okay BUT i feel like i have a wacky adrenal profile. If i do a small dose during times of cortisol issues...
  5. M

    Is Less Thyroid More Effective?

    Based on previous dosing using NP thyroid. (T4+T3) being on 2 grains to 1.5 to 1 grain. Does it make sense that the lower dose (1grain) allowed for a better tolerance? And better functioning thyroid? it seems like it never makes you feel “ balanced” throughout the day. Taking a thyroid in...
  6. M

    Everyone Is “Magnesium Deficient” OR is Everyone Just “Low thyroid”

    The constant hype today is tiktok and instagram promoting vitamin deficiencies & proper methylation the most talked about is always Magnesium. Which I understand is so important BUT.. isn’t being low magnesium sometimes a sign of just low thyroid levels? Since you use up so much in a...
  7. NatachaRose

    Orange juice and body temperature drop

    A friend of mine has been adding a glass of fresh orange juice daily, and she is now experiencing a drop in body temperature. She used to consistently be at 37 degrees, and now she mentions that she's consistently between 36.6 and 36.8. I thought orange juice was supposed to help with thyroid...
  8. NatachaRose

    Thyroid Goiter on one side and atrophy on the other side

    Thyroid atrophy on the left and small goiter on the right after a year of supplementing with NDT and doing 12 minutes of red light therapy daily. I likely took too much thyroid medication simultaneously, ranging from 130-200mg in the morning only, as I can't sleep if I take it later in the day...
  9. NatachaRose

    Share your goiter success story here please!

    If you used to have a goiter, and it's no longer the case, please share your success story and let us know what worked for you.
  10. Mauritio

    Photobiomodulation and the influence of light on thyroid status

    Photobiomodulation/Photoperiodism and the influence of light on thyroid status Here is a collection of studies showing how the amount of light we receive every day infleunces our body's metabolism. Our bodies anticipate the season by amount of light we get and changes the metabolism...
  11. M

    High Dose Iodine, Are We Right

    Can everyone help this thread get a lot of traction? I feel like this needs to be discussed amongs everyone here! Maybe iodine is a very powerful metabolism booster that we’re all overlooking or missing? Can anyone weigh in on this post that take high ish dose iodine? I myself have tried...
  12. M

    Thyroid Dose Increase Causes Anxiety: Why?

    What is the mechanism behind immediate anxiety and “out of body” feeling when you increase your dose of thyroid? Im on 1 grain bumping up another 1/4 grain.. Ive been on a grain for a few weeks.. started to get hypo symptoms again which is why I wanted to bump up. I’m trying to go slow but...
  13. theoogabear

    Blood laps done - would like some analysis

    Hey guys, I got lab work done and I don't really know what any of it means in much detail at all. I will post the things the test flagged and follow up with some context: Anion gap: 7 mEq/L Creatinine 1.27 mg/dL AST 43 U/L ALT 91 U/L Billirubin Total 1.1 mg/dL eGFR (CKD-EPI) 78 mL/min...
  14. C

    Thyroid dosing for Dog or Cat Using Temperature And Pulse. Is it possible? Anyone Tried?

    I thought it would be completely impractical until I realized you could use an ear thermometer with a longer probe designed for animals (as opposed to using a rectal reading). The problem is I don't know of any ideal pulse or temperature. Has anyone tried the Broda Barnes technique on a pet?
  15. M

    TSH Rising On NDT

    Originally was 3.5. Now at 4.6 TSH Not sure if its a potency or absorption issue but I’ve been on 1 grain and my tsh continues to raise. I might be switched to levo+liothyronine. Any thoughts on this?
  16. M

    Something In My Stack Is Causing “Adrenaline Sweats”

    My morning consists of 1 grain thyroid,dhea & a multi vitamin. enclomiphene but only every other day. I feel good waking up usually but hours later i will spontaneously have the hot surges. I hate it. Id rather be cold than hot. Around the time the sweats come i get shaky too i just feel...
  17. cs3000

    Iron is essential for ability of thyroid hormone to function

    Study highlighting the importance of having good iron levels for peat approach to health. in the peat realm sometimes there's a tilted view against iron as if it's on the same level as a PUFA or something to be avoided, so can be overlooked. (overload toxicity isn't good + trying to fix...
  18. Amazigh

    Cynomel/Cynoplus probable absorption issues

    I noticed several years ago that I had been taking a LOT of thyroid (Cynomel and CynoPlus), and still had symptoms like weight gain and low pulse/temps. I remember feeling like suddenly I couldn't feel the effects of taking thyroid. Also, I had an ankle injury that put me out 30 lbs in 1 month...
  19. M

    Why Does My Methyl B Complex Cause Anxiety?

    Any reason why when I take Methylated B complex I get a very out of body feeling? Anxiety & nervousness? Wouldn’t Methylated B vitamins do the opposite? I know some people say its from too much of a certain B vitamin like 5 or 6. BUT my levels on a cellular level (not just serum) came back...
  20. T

    Stress reaction to Idealabs' NDT (only 1 drop!) .. Why?

    As per the title.. After 1 drop of Georgi's NDT, I get a stress reaction (thumping heartbeat and general agitation). Happened a few times now so it's definitely a common theme. I took it orally alongside some food. Do you know why could this be?
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