thyroid function

  1. M

    Thyroid Dose Increase Causes Anxiety: Why?

    What is the mechanism behind immediate anxiety and “out of body” feeling when you increase your dose of thyroid? Im on 1 grain bumping up another 1/4 grain.. Ive been on a grain for a few weeks.. started to get hypo symptoms again which is why I wanted to bump up. I’m trying to go slow but...
  2. Sefton10

    Help interpreting mother’s blood work

    For context, she has just turned 70 and has had severe rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. Recently she has been feeling like she has less and less energy, constantly tired and dizzy spells. Finally she is open to exploring the impact of metabolism/bioenergetics so I got her Kate Deering’s book...
  3. haidut

    Green Tea, Fluoride Reduce Thyroid Function By As Much As 50%

    Ray has written that green tea is also quite estrogenic, so I am not surprised to see this effect. Fluoride is apparently also a well-known thyroid inhibitor as stated by the scientists. If this is well known then why do we have fluoride in the tap water?!? Also, caffeine, as expected, did not...
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