1. haidut

    Aspirin as effective as pharma blood thinners

    The study only looked at patients hospitalized for bone fractures, but I don't see why the results would be any different for any other condition and in any other setting (hospitalized or not). This probably at least the 10th study I have seen over the last few years demonstrating that humble...
  2. Julian

    Cat trouble walking with hind legs (possible thrombosis/heart disease)

    My family cat of 15 years old suddenly had trouble moving his hind legs and walking. My dad took him to the vet and they thought it was a form of athrosis and they gave him a Meloxidolor injection and meloxidolor pills (some anti-inflammatory drug). After a few days his symptoms seemed to clear...
  3. M

    Endotoxin And Iron Finally Recognized As Potential Causes Of Many Diseases

    [ moderator edit: threads merged ] Bacteria lurking in blood could be culprit in countless diseases
  4. Renaiscience_Man

    An Aspirin A Day May Not Keep Dvt Away

    There has been a debate about Aspirin's effectiveness on treating and preventing blood clots. When one doctor says Aspirin treatment is as effective as heparin, warfarin, and new generation anti coagulants, other doctors say Aspirin is only effective to prevent ''arterial'' platelet aggregation...
  5. L

    L'name - Nos Inhibitor
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