1. haidut

    Marijuana May Cause Psychosis/schizophrenia By Increasing Serotonin Signalling

    I know the topic of weed is controversial but by now the link between heavy and chronic marijuana use and the risk of psychotic conditions like schizophrenia has been well established. Peat mentioned a few times briefly that cannabis has anti-androgenic effects and should not be used chronically...
  2. S

    THC On Serum Cortisol And Prolactin

    The effects of cannabinoids on serum cortisol and prolactin in humans
  3. goodandevil

    Antitussive Action Of Thc

    r J Pharmacol. 1976 Feb;35(2):309-13. Antitussive activity of some naturally occurring cannabinoids in anesthetized cats. Gordon R, Gordon RJ, Sofia D. Abstract Experimental cough was elicited in pentobarbital-anesthetized cats by either electrical stimulation of the superior laryngeal nerve...