1. wealthofwisdom

    Anything Concerning in my lab tests?

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to order more lab tests. Before I do that, would anybody chime in on what I should be looking at, considering the results of my first test (6 months ago)? The number one thing I'm looking to improve on is my overall energy and stamina (for exercise, tennis, etc)...
  2. forterpride

    Test for K2 deficiency

    Hello all. Was hoping for some guidance. My father takes statins and I read that they can deplete K2, which he supplements with because he has high calcium score/arterial calcification. My fear is that the statins are negating the K2 he is taking. But he won’t stop the statins since his...
  3. tankasnowgod

    PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis calls Anthony Fauci a Liar

    ..... and apparently, an idiot too. The following video is mostly an interview with Mullis. The best part of this video for me is when Mullis says Fauci "doesn't know anything about anything." He also states that Fauci has no problem lying on camera, and changing rules anytime he wants...
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