1. joe

    Raising Testosterone with Enclomiphene

    Noob here. Does anyone have personal experience with Enclomiphene-citrate, treating hypogonadism? It seems like a relatively safe way to raise testosterone, but I have read so many mixed reviews and reported sides (raised E2, accelerated MPB, gyno) and would like to hear from people in this...
  2. H

    Transdermal Testosterone Solvent

    Hello all, I need help with preparing a solvent for transdermal testosterone. I searched the forum extensively for advice on how to make transdermal test and tried some of the formulas. Here's what I've tried - hopefully someone can help me out here. 1) @Aby_2021 's formula - 50% Solgar...
  3. youngsinatra

    How Much Does Testicular Temperature Matter?

    Hello everyone, I lately been thinking about the effect of heat / temperature on testicular health. (sperm count, motility, testosterone production) Some say it’s dead serious as it can cause a complete halt of sperm production and testosterone production. I have read that just sitting for 2...
  4. cs3000

    Piperine from black pepper is Anti-testosterone & progesterone - toxic and serotonergic

    Piperine is added to some supplements, and black pepper is common in food cupboards / with dinners. Apparently can be 3% piperine - 5% piperine in black pepper but varies alot https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318704358_Reversible_Testicular_Toxicity_of_Piperine_on_Male_Albino_Rats...
  5. youngsinatra

    Human study — Betaine (TMG) nearly doubles total testosterone & lowers cortisol by 30%

    Would like to hear your thoughts on this one: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35599921/ The total testosterone in the betaine group is around 1500ng/dL. :o
  6. Connor888

    Transdermal T Base - Once Daily?

    Is there a good way to slow down the absorption of T when used topically without an ester? I recently got some micronized T base from PPL and I'm trying to think of a way I can prolong the effects over a longer period without multi-dosing it. I thought maybe applying it to a fatty area like the...
  7. F

    Topical pine pollen

    It's well known that pine pollen is a fantastic source of phyto androgens, and those are better absorbed sublingually than orally, so tinctures are preferred over powder. I tried the tincture, and it definitely worked, way more erections and stronger morning wood, but having high concentrations...
  8. haidut

    Raising DHT levels even only in the brain reverses systemic atherosclerosis

    As my readers know, I have been a fan of the strong, non-aromatizable androgen DHT for a long time. One of the first signs for me that DHT is beneficial was the uniform and relentless propaganda against that steroid by mainstream medical publications, despite the obvious (and increasing)...
  9. learnedhelpless

    Progesterone therapy in men (transgender women), does not significantly effect, testosterone, libido and weight

    This is a 2 month old study, so it is not available on Sci Hub, but given that the doses of progesterone, for gender - reassignment, are 100–400 mg/day, this shows that when progesterone is used in super-physoligical doses that are 50x / 2250 % - 200x /19900% greater than the average production...
  10. F

    RPF approved/peaty "PCT" protocol for testosterone base cycle?

    I've decided I want to run testosterone base indefinitely for muscle building and libido purposes, but want to be careful that I have a way to recover my natural hormone production after cycle. I've run a steroid cycle before a few years back, and hoped to use SERMs to recover, as is...
  11. Charger

    Why does nothing beat SERMs for me? (Toremifene specifically)

    I've been going down the bioenergetic/hormone optimization rabbit hole since experiencing PFS symptoms back in late 2019. I've experimented with a lot of things along the way, if you'd look into my drawers, you'd think I'm insane with the amount of supplements I own all with the goal of reaching...
  12. Mauritio

    Capsaicin increases Testosterone by 2,5 fold

    In this study Capsicin had a huge effect on testosterone in mice. When given to pubertal mice for 40 days it increased T about 1,5 fold , but the real magic happened in the adult animals that got the pepper for 70 days: they increased their T by 2,5 fold! I'm not sure how the dosage correlates...
  13. J

    Supraphysiological Testosterone & DHT levels

    Hi all, What are the risks of keeping free T & DHT at supraphysiological levels (I’ve attached my bloodwork) for prolonged periods of time via the use of transdermal DHT & T gels? I’m been using transdermal 20% DHT solution & 20% T solution from Alphagels Compounding for the past year and have...
  14. A

    Low aspartic acid and aspartame consumption? Blood test reveals strange info....testosterone?

    I tested the amino acids in my blood to see if my BCAA were high. It is a Quest test, run through a 3rd party site. There was some confusion, and when I showed up the blood tech indicated I should have had an overnight fast, even though the site claimed 4 hours was sufficient. Since I had...
  15. X

    Hormonal blood test - Need your help please

    Hi everyone, (30M) here, I've just done a blood test. Unfortunately, it would take me months to see a doctor here in Canada and even then, I wouldn't put too much faith in their reading. Should I be concerned about my progesterone which is out of range? I have an autoimmune disease but my...
  16. TruffleGnocchi

    Advice wanted for TRT (not seeking medical advice)

    An older person I know has non-functioning testosterone production, zero production from balls. I got him some testosterone, different esters, will recommend using shorter esters daily but bought longer esters if he will insist on not doing daily injections. Also got him exemestene. My question...
  17. Lokzo

    High T & DHT Improves Lung Function

    Higher serum testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, but not oestradiol, are independently associated with favourable indices of lung function in community-dwelling men Shalini S Mohan 1 2, Matthew W Knuiman 3, Mark L Divitini 3, Alan L James 1 4, Arthur W Musk 1 3 5, David J Handelsman 6...
  18. TruffleGnocchi

    Video explaining potential testosterone increasing mechanism of Tadalafil, with visuals

    Tadalafil: Erectile Dysfunction Cure? Testosterone Booster? Non-Responders? [Study 147-154 Analysis] I know nitric oxide is bad in Ray Peat's view and there are already posts about estrogen reduction. But still interesting video explaining the actual mechanisms of Tadalafil, Nitric Oxide...
  19. haidut

    Low androgens, not low estrogens, linked to heart disease in aging women

    One of the most pernicious myths medicine created (and has been promoting for the last century) is that menopause is a condition of estrogen "deficiency". Other, similarly pernicious myths are that estradiol is a "female" hormones while testosterone is a "male" hormone. These myths have...
  20. M

    Proven Ways To Boost Testosterone In Males

    Good Morning! Any lifestyle & diet habits to help raise testosterone into the 900s? That are proven? Either science or personal experimentation through supplements or food etc
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