1. Sitaruîm

    Sitaruîm's Lab Log

    Hi all, I went to the endocrinologist for the first time today in order to request lab tests. The idea is to do this at least once a year. I got my requests and will be doing the tests soon, it will be quite comprehensive. During my visit today my body composition was measured with an...
  2. RealNeat

    Anyone get labs (or other test) done and see benefits from addressing markers?

    I see a lot of people getting various types of lab work done but I haven't heard many follow ups or testimonials of improvement. Have you experienced benefits from addressing certain biomarkers? What were they? What was the improvement? How did you accomplish it?
  3. tastyfood

    Do you always fast before your blood tests?

    I test regularly for things like prolactin, TSH, total cholesterol, and other important tests. I typically test early in the morning, fasting, for consistency. I am starting to think if I should at least once test in a non fasting state. Being fasted is the most stressful time of the day, and...
  4. jay123

    Covid-19 Plan In Front Of Our Eyes IMPORTANT!

    As we all see this whole thing play out in front of us and "conspiracy" is thrown around as to what is going on, the powers that may be still go ahead with the plans that they have. And usually the plan is laid out for us to see. And, of course, the Rockefeller Foundation should be "trusted" to...
  5. Connor888

    Elevated Progesterone?

    I got my blood work back earlier today from my blood test. Looks like my progesterone is high.. Is there anything I can do about this? The only thing I take right now is pregnenolone and thyroid. Was going to start trying small amounts of progesterone too but I best not now.
  6. haidut

    Shockingly High (68%) DNA Testing Error Sending Many Innocent To Prison

    A few months ago, I posted about the fiasco of DNA testing for disease. Basically, the false positive rate is at least 40% when it comes to testing for specific disease. Genetic Tests From Companies Do Not Match, 40% Of Results Are False Positives As a confirmation of the above disaster, now we...
  7. haidut

    Genetic Testing Companies Sell Your DNA, All Promise Of Privacy Is Bunk

    I have known this from the very beginning as the sole business model of these companies is the accumulation of data, its analysis and sale to third-parties who can then target you with better ads for products and services. The uber-monster of this advertising nightmare would be a Facebook +...
  8. W

    Accurate Heavy Metal Testing?

    It would be nice to know if heavy metal exposure in the past could be affecting the current state of affairs. Peat suggests it is a cause of leaky gut, for example. Is heavy metal testing accurate? Wouldn't it accumulate in untestable tissues (brain, liver, etc)?