1. tastyfood

    Lifting slightly heavy weight is a great way to instantaneously increase temps

    I've been able to get out of a temporarily low-ish temp state by simply grabbing dumbbells and lifting for 5 to 10 minutes. No need for overexertion. Just enough until you feel a slight pump. The before and after temp measurements are solid. Hope this helps.
  2. teds

    Is T4 important?

    Apart from coverting to T3, is there another reason why we need T4? I was taking Tyromax and wasn’t getting the temps needed- I tried for about 8 months and eventually my reverse T3 just started getting higher and higher. So, I’ve switched to T3 solo- oral temps regaularly at 37 but armpit stays...
  3. teds

    Reverse T3

    Hello all, back to thyroid then shall we?? ? okay- so I’ve managed to take my TSH from: 1.98 (jan) to 0.12 (august) I’ve been taking Tyromax, slowly increasing over this period. My temps were increasing initially but now they appear to have stalled.. and even gone backwards. In this time I...
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