1. cupofcoffee

    Caffeine promotes the expression of telomerase reverse transcriptase to regulate cellular senescence and aging!divAbstract
  2. haidut

    Why You Don't Want Long Telomeres

    The dietary supplement industry is currently going nuts over supplements that increase telomere length or at least slow down their shortening as a way to prevent aging. As Ray has written many times, this is a highly dangerous and wrong approach as long telomeres increase risk of cancer...
  3. Y

    Study Says Coffee/caffeine Shortens Lifespan By Shortening Telomeres

    Hi all, Please refer to the study below. It basically says that coffee, decreases telomeres which are end parts of DNA. Which increases cellular death chance. And telomeres are associated with poor health, and shorter lifespan. alcohol on other hand, increased it. NOT saying i believe this...
  4. T

    Caffeine Can Shorten Life Expectancy - But Alcohol Lengthens

    Any thoughts? ... xpect.html cheers thomas
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