1. AlphaCog

    Estrogen in Tea for Stronger Bones

    There's Something to Be Said for Having 'Tea Bones' Written by Jeanie Lerche Davis April 13, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Ladies, start your teapots! A new study from England shows that tea may build and strengthen bones -- protecting women against osteoporosis. If milk is added to the tea, the benefit is...
  2. Sitaruîm

    Coffee and Cholinesterase (AChE)

    In Ray's article about learned helplessness, arguably his most important article, one of the main points seems to be that low cholinesterase leads to overexcitation of the nerves and to cell death. He cites articles that show that rats living in idyllic environments have high levels of...
  3. cs3000

    Acute use of Cistus tea is effective for faster recovery from flu - anti-viral

    The benefits of cistus for recovery from flu "Cistus incanus (CYSTUS052) for treating patients with infection of the upper respiratory tract" https://pdfslide.net/documents/cistus-incanus-cystus052-for-treating-patients-with-infection-of-the-upper.html?page=2 shows cistus significantly helped...
  4. Yonebayashian

    Peaty Tea Thread

    This thread is dedicated to researching and discussing making tea that is pro metabolic. Does anyone know any teas that are low fluoride? Is all black and green tea off the table? If these teas inevitably have flouride what methods can be utilized to reduce flouride? What about chamomile or...
  5. Hans

    Foods to avoid when high DHT is desired

    One way to get high DHT is to avoid things that lower it. https://men-elite.com/2022/01/04/foods-to-avoid-when-high-dht-is-desired/
  6. S

    Liquid Alternatives

    I live in a hot and humid climate and I feel a strong urge to drink fluids throughout the day. Since I started peating (I have been consuming a lot more salt than before), I started to feel less desire to drink liquids throughout the day, I stopped drinking pure water, nowadays I only drink...
  7. yerrag

    The Answer To Low Covid Deaths In Taiwan Etc - Tea And Zinc?

    I've started to ask why the deaths/million population of different countries vary so much. From www.worldmeter.info I get a sampling of countries and these are what I got: East Asia/Southeast Asia: Singapore 5 Taiwan 0.3 S. Korea 6 Japan 0 8 Vietnam 0.1 Laos 0 Cambodia 0 Myanmar 0.1 Thailand...
  8. Aleeri

    Pu-erh Tea, What's The Verdict?

    In terms of Peat friendly foods, tea has always seemed to be a problematic one that is worshipped in the world of natural health, but according to Peat values looks to have a bunch of negatives such as fluoride and estrogenic flavanoids. But what about Pu -erh tea? Which is basically a...
  9. Herbie

    Black Tea And Androstenedione Levels

    This study was done on postmenopausal Chinese women on black and green tea and it showed that the black tea drinkers had to highest Androstenedione also the highest estrone and estradiol depending on comt genotype. Some people dismiss black tea due to estrogen concerns but it also increases...
  10. P

    L-theanine Inhibits Nitric Oxide Production In Brain

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26957301 L-theanine is unique amino acid which readily crosses blood brain barrier and possesses neuroprotective potential against neurodegenerative disorders including Huntington disease (HD). HD is characterized by selective loss of GABAergic medium spiny...
  11. B

    Tea And Not Coffee Decreases Chances Of Lung Cancer

    http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/ar ... 0297000755
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