1. A

    Best TCM source in Europe?

    Looking into traditonal chinese medicine, and found Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan/Pian for treatment of varicocele. Can’t find any reliable source in Europe that supply this medicine, do you know any source or do I need to ship from the US?
  2. cureme

    Chinese Herbs

    I wanted to know more about this Chinese formulation. I am taking it as prescribed by my acupuncturist, but I would like to know the name and if there is anything harmful in the formulation. thanks to everyone Rehmanniae praeparata Paeoniae suffruticosae Chinese Lycium Radix Bupleuri The...
  3. RealNeat

    Treat the symptoms not the cause?

    We often hear the opposite in the natural health realm, "treat the cause! Don't chase symptoms!" What's curious is that in TCM and Ayurveda, two of many ancient lifestyle and health practices, the root cause isn't necessarily discussed. What's addressed are doshas or temperaments or humors and...
  4. Twohandsondeck

    A categorization of vitamins & minerals as yin or yang

    In accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, all foods fall on a spectrum of "yin" or "yang." The notion is that a "yin" food is generally cooling and a "yang" food is generally warming. Ideally, when these are kept in balance, symptoms of an excess of either "yin" or "yang" can be resolved...
  5. JamesGatz

    In Defense of Starch - TCM and eating many cold/damp foods (fruit/milk) seems to be anti-metabolic ?

    I'm sure many on the forum are familiar with TCM and it's view on the Spleen and Stomach eating nothing but cold/damp foods - I will leave a short description here for those unfamiliar : "In dampness and phlegm, it is important to nourish the Spleen, which means that the consumption of raw...
  6. Mauritio

    Autism caused by low allopregnenolone , chinese herb can treat

    This study shows that the chinese herbal formula Kami-shoyo-san, also known as Jia Wei Xiao Yao Pian, can treat autism / reverse autistic behaviors in mice . First they show that autistic behaviour was caused by a decrease in allopregnenolone. Then they gave mice the herbal formula and...
  7. Makrosky

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    Hola tyw, Very nice discussion. Good thread really. Learning (trying) a lot. And as always... more questions than answers ;-) What makes you think the meridian system (as in TCM) is made of collagen ? Giving that you are learning TCM... This central idea of communication you are repeating...
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