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  1. IPlayDart

    Fat Tastes Disgusting

    If humans are supposed to eat a high- fat diet, why does fat taste so unbearably disgusting? You just get an instant puke reflex when ingesting fat into you mouth. It only gets bearable when adding carbs or lots of spices. Protein makes it taste okay, but you still get that disgusting fat taste...
  2. A

    Stearic acid smell/taste

    Hello, I bought stearic acid from here, I tried it today but has a really strong smell like crayons or industrial chemical, it does not have taste though. Has anybody tried stearic acid and can report the smell/taste of it? Thanks
  3. Cameron

    Advice on getting long term taste lose after covid??

    Maybe @haidut would know the reason for long term taste lose (four months now) after possibly having covid. Is there a way to get taste back? Benadryl Flonase aspirin wild oregano steam tried all of these... no taste and oj taste like chemicals.. losing taste is definitely a very real issue I...
  4. J

    Why Does Fresh Liver Taste So Good But Frozen Liver So Meh?

    Fresh beef liver is one of the most delicious foods I know. But when I freeze it, even just a few days, and pull it out and cook it, it doesn't taste the same at all. Much worse sadly. Is it the glycogen that's being lost?