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    Reverse osmosis not optimal for filtration?

    This is something I've been thinking about. The claims about R.O. seem mixed and inconsistent. It filters pesticides, but it might not filter them completely. It filters nitrates, but it might not filter them completely. Personally, when I drank reverse osmosis water a couple months ago that I...
  2. Ras

    Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine in water

    The study. Ascorbic Acid Sodium Ascorbate Their experiment: Their results: Their conclusion:
  3. haidut

    Asthma Can Be Caused By Endotoxin (LPS). From Air Filters

    Not a clickbait title but the actual (and fascinating) findings of several studies. I think the biggest find here is that endotoxin (LPS) can directly cause asthma and exacerbate already existing asthma. To my knowledge, while mainstream medicine does admit that asthma is an inflammatory...
  4. haidut

    Drinking Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy May Lower IQ (in Sons)

    Another study (the most comprehensive to date) that finds a strong link between pre-natal exposure to fluoride in drinking water and lower intelligence in the offspring. As the article aptly notes, the benefits of fluoride were never proven before it was introduced in drinking water throughout...
  5. haidut

    Nitrates In Tap Water May Cause 12,500+ Cancer Cases Annually

    Despite the billions of dollars poured into advertising by municipal water authorities trying to convince people, the evidence for the negative effects of drinking such water just keeps piling on. Fluoride has been added for decades, despite the constant stream of research demonstrating its ill...
  6. haidut

    Fluoride At Levels In Tap Water Is As Toxic As Lead And Mercury For The Brain

    Finally some brave souls found the courage to publish a piece of truth. Fluoride is one of the "cornerstones" of public health policy and studies going against the established dogma are very rarely published. Whatever evidence about fluoride's toxicity comes to light is usually explained away...
  7. haidut

    Fluoride In Tap Water Could Be A Causative Factor In Diabetes

    While the public health authorities continue their mantra on the "benefits" of fluoride for teeth and bone health, there are quite a few research groups that have been producing solid evidence to the contrary. As many of you know, fluoride is a proven thyroid inhibitor. As such, it is expected...
  8. haidut

    Fluoride In Tap Water Is One Likely Cause Of Hypothyroidism

    The study is being criticized by the mainstream press, but the authors stand behind their findings and claim the result have been replicated many times (in animals studies). http://www.newsweek.com/water-fluoridat ... ?piano_d=1 http://jech.bmj.com/content/early/2015/ ... 1.abstract "...A...
  9. haidut

    Arsenic At Levels Found In Tap Water Causes Lung Cancer

    So much for the public "health" message about how "safe" tap water is. http://www.niehs.nih.gov/news/newsroom/ ... 014/july8/
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