1. Mauritio

    Photobiomodulation and the influence of light on thyroid status

    Photobiomodulation/Photoperiodism and the influence of light on thyroid status Here is a collection of studies showing how the amount of light we receive every day infleunces our body's metabolism. Our bodies anticipate the season by amount of light we get and changes the metabolism...
  2. C

    Thyroid dosing for Dog or Cat Using Temperature And Pulse. Is it possible? Anyone Tried?

    I thought it would be completely impractical until I realized you could use an ear thermometer with a longer probe designed for animals (as opposed to using a rectal reading). The problem is I don't know of any ideal pulse or temperature. Has anyone tried the Broda Barnes technique on a pet?
  3. cs3000

    Iron is essential for ability of thyroid hormone to function

    Study highlighting the importance of having good iron levels for peat approach to health. in the peat realm sometimes there's a tilted view against iron as if it's on the same level as a PUFA or something to be avoided, so can be overlooked. (overload toxicity isn't good + trying to fix...
  4. Amazigh

    Cynomel/Cynoplus probable absorption issues

    I noticed several years ago that I had been taking a LOT of thyroid (Cynomel and CynoPlus), and still had symptoms like weight gain and low pulse/temps. I remember feeling like suddenly I couldn't feel the effects of taking thyroid. Also, I had an ankle injury that put me out 30 lbs in 1 month...
  5. Mauritio

    T3 increases klotho, reduces lipofuscin and oxidative stress

    Most people probably heard of the gene klotho by now. Overexpression of klotho in mice leads to an increase in health and life expectancy. Peat has also spoken favorably about it : View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBKyKFCN_2E I have previously posted about anti-aging benefits of T3 : -...
  6. youngsinatra

    Thyroid With Food? (Or Not)

    Hello everyone, In the last 2 or 3 weeks I took my thyroid (Novothyral T4/T3 mix) in split doses after meals as Ray suggested, but right now, I feel like only a partial portion of it gets absorbed by doing so as my pulse and bodytemp has gotten lower in comparison to before and my constipation...
  7. Mauritio

    T3 levels are a predictor of mortality from sepsis

    "The role of thyroid hormones is crucial in the response to stress and critical illness, which has been reported to be closely associated with a poor prognosis in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). This study aimed to explore the relationship between thyroid hormone and...
  8. M

    How long for thyroid to return to normal function

    After using NDT or synthetic t4 t3 for 3+ months. How long does it take for your TSH & thyroid function to return to equilibrium? After stopping do you encounter uncomfortable symptoms? Is it temporary?
  9. The3DPerson

    Had stroke-like symptoms after 3 days of taking Cynomel?

    I got Cynomel for me and my mom, who are both hypo. We started taking approx. 12.5 mcgs per day, we cut a tablet in fourths (approx. 6.25 mcgs) and have had it two times a day, with food, to negate any adrenalergic effects it might cause. We don't have a scale, so it's harder to do smaller...
  10. Connor888

    T3 tablets sublingually, possible?

    All I have read is the molecules are too large to be absorbed this way... But I would like to know more. I can't really experiment right now since I don't have them yet, but I would love to kno more about it. I have felt so much better taking my vitamins/minerals sublingually... after never...
  11. Mauritio

    Thyroid hormone increases anti-oxidant enzymes, glucocorticoids lower them

    In this study they looked at the influence of certain hormones (thyroid hormone, insulin and glucocorticoids) on certain anti-oxidant enzymes (SOD, catalase, glutathione peroxidase). They showed that thyroid increased catalase and superoxide dismutase, while glucocorticoids lower them...
  12. Mr Joe

    Confusion about NDT and T4

    Broda Barnes cured several diseases by using "grains" so I suppose he was using NDT. I don't remember him focusing on T3 only. In the protocol to heal hypothyroidism, thyroid might be needed for years in some cases. My question is : How come Broda Barnes never really cared about rt3 ? Why some...
  13. C

    Why Would A Man Lose All Visible Underarm Hair?

    Even teenage girls have pigmented underarm hair so I'm not sure how this happens to a male. I had also lost all visible forearm hair even though I had normal brown forearm hair prior to puberty then no longer visible after about 20 years (just fine unpigmented vellus hair). Unfortunately the...
  14. A

    DHT + T3 + Creatine combo

    + pyrucet Explosive.
  15. Hans

    The easiest way to optimize DHT (thyroid optimization)

  16. A

    Subclinical hypothyroidism dosage

    My TSH is elevated (from 4.4-6.6, reference: 0.4-4), while free T4 and T3 is normal. What dosage of T4 should I use? And should I include T3?
  17. copycat

    Thyroid dosage, looking for friendly advice

    TL;DR: Decided to experiment with Tyromix. Admittedly I simply skimmed over the dosage protocol Ray recommends lmao, not very wise. took about 20 drops of Tyromix total in the span of 3 days(120 mcg T4, 60cmg T3). Expecting some reverseT3(??) and difficulties for my body to adjust to the crazy...
  18. Cameron

    T3 increases 5-AR type 1

    “In addition, in Silurana (Xenopus) tropicalis whole body larvae, T3 increases the expression of androgen-related genes, 5α-reductase type 1 (srd5alpha1) and ar (16). Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate whether TH- and sex steroid-related genes are also regulated by T3 in the brain...
  19. Drareg

    TUDCA and phenylbutyric acid accelerate thyroid hormone activation and energy expenditure

    Interesting study, combining both substances should have a positive effect. 21237159 Exposure of cell lines endogenously expressing the thyroid hormone activating enzyme type 2 deiodinase (D2) to the chemical chaperones tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) or 4-phenylbutiric acid (4-PBA) increases...
  20. Mr Joe

    Will T3 on low pulse make it lower ?

    Ray and @haidut have mentionned that taking t3 for hypo people with high pulse could first decrease the pulse because of adrenalin. If someone in the other hand is hypo with low pulse (60) and low CO2 production, is taking t3 could decrease that pulse to 50 or so ? Could someone share some...
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