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  2. F

    Your experiences with low dose t3?

  3. Randle Cyclist

    Cinnamon Lowers Serum T3?

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26374392/ Has anyone come across this study before? I don't have access to the full study but it would appear cinnamon lowers circulating levels of T3. Based on the keywords, I believe Ceylon cinnamon was used. The human equivalent dose, about 65mg per kg, is...
  4. Mauritio

    Uncoupling increases T3

    It has long been shown that T3 increases uncoupling ,but this study shows that it also works vice versa : Uncoupling (through BAT activation) increases deiodinase type 2 ,which catalyzes T4 toT3 conversion . This should create a positive feedback loop. If you uncouple your metabolism with...
  5. D

    GC-1 Sobetirome

    Has anyone seen this? Super cool research chemical in phase 1 clinical trials. It acts much like T3 without a lot of the side effects. What do y'all think? I'm thinking about experimenting with my lab rat.
  6. maillol

    T3, Methylene Blue and Prolactin

    Peat city https://www.researchgate.net/publication/12338364_The_regulation_of_adenohypophyseal_prolactin_secretion_Effect_of_triiodothyronine_and_methylene_blue_on_estrogenized_rat_adenohypophysis
  7. P

    Chronically elevated TSH but normal FT3 and FT4, despite Peating for years - ideas?

    Intro Have been Peating since April 2018. Prior, I used to eat a lot of meat, relatively little carbs (50-100g a day), and a higher amount of fats as well as plenty of vegetables/salads. Fruit intake was limited and dairy intake was very restricted. After starting Peating, dairy intake has...
  8. Soren

    Thyroid (t3) causes body odor change what is the cause? Should I stop?

    Has anyone ever noticed a change in body odor once they have started supplementing thyroid? My body odour has definitely gotten worse since I started which is a shame because before it was never very foul smelling now it smells quite sour and acidic. I've been supplementing with T3 during the...
  9. Hans

    How to lose fat safely while Peating

    This is a frequent topic on the forum. What about fat loss and fatty acid oxidation, glucuronidation, cortisol, thyroid, etc? All are discussed in the article. How to lose fat safely while Peating
  10. Gohan

    Tiromel/liothyronine Balkans source

    Hey guys, Lost my source of T3 and i am in a desperate need for a source in the Balkans. I live in North Macedonia so i wanted to know if T3 is available somewhere in the neighboring countries: Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania or on the Balkans?
  11. Soren

    Can Thyroid Medication Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes?

    Does anyone know if thyroid medication can cause swelling of the lymph nodes? I would assume that it can as too much can cause the swelling of the thyroid and that thyroid hormone helps produce white blood cells and the white blood cells are produced in the lymph nodes so that supplementing...
  12. thingsvarious

    I Have Tried It All: T4, T3-only, T3/T4-combo, NDT. Here I Share What I Learned

    I am a med student in my last year. For years I have been replacing multiple of my hormones. Thyroid was the first hormone I started to replace. I have tried it all: T4, T3-only, T3/T4-combo, NDT. Here I share what I learned. Because there is just so much misinformation around, I wrote guides...
  13. thingsvarious

    Each Hormone Deficiency Is Associated With A Distinct Kind Of Fatigue. I Had Them All

    Hello, I am a medical student in my last year. For a few years I have been replacing all of my major hormones (see here) and I have been both high and low in many different constellations. From all this I learned 2 things. Each hormone deficiency can cause chronic fatigue. Each hormone...
  14. P

    Anyone Have Experience With Everylywell At-home Thyroid Test?

    Just learned about this at-home thyroid test for $99 ... At Home Thyroid Levels Test - Easy to Use and Understand - Everlywell Fingerstics and blood dots on a card are sent back to the lab for analysis. Looks like they only report Free T3, T4 and TSH. No rT3 or other markers. The report...
  15. C

    T3 Brands?

    Been taking the Cynomel from mexico with best results, looking to order some more - what do you folks think of this website/brand? https://body-building-anabolics.com/product/oral-steroids/cytomel-t3-50mcg-tabs-20-tabs-op-blister-euro-pharmacies/ Thanks!
  16. haidut

    Topical T3 Dramatically Stimulates Hair Growth

    I am posting this just a quick follow up and possible enhancement over the approach discussed in my previous post on estrogen causing hair loss. The study below demonstrated that applying daily the HED of a few mcg of T3 per square inch of skin increased hair length by several thousand percent...
  17. L

    Topical T3 For Hair Growth

    Hello Everyone Have any of you read Georgis post? "Topical T3 dramatically stimulates hair growth" I was just wondering how one (a human being) would apply this to achieve maximim benefits Fot humans...how many mcgs of T3 per square inch and how many times per day of applying? Thank you
  18. L

    T3 Only Hypothroid Treatment

    Hey there everybody I want to start a rigourous T3 only treatment All of you are alot smarter than me so I wanted to ask, how many (mgs) of T3 should I take in one single dose, how many doses a day, and how long spaced apart? Thank you
  19. M

    Help With T3, T4 And Weird Lab Results

    Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a while. Two years ago, I had blood exams done and my TSH resulted to be 4.27 but my primary care physician refused to treat me with supplementary T3 and T4, because according to the lab the normal range for TSH...