t3 conversion

  1. copycat

    Thyroid dosage, looking for friendly advice

    TL;DR: Decided to experiment with Tyromix. Admittedly I simply skimmed over the dosage protocol Ray recommends lmao, not very wise. took about 20 drops of Tyromix total in the span of 3 days(120 mcg T4, 60cmg T3). Expecting some reverseT3(??) and difficulties for my body to adjust to the crazy...
  2. RenaissanceMan

    Did I make a mistake by getting T3 only?

    I placed an order from the Mexican pharmacy a few days ago and they already shipped it! Most likely because I paid extra for fast shipping. The thing is, I only bought Cynomel (T3). I’ve had hypo symptoms for so many years and I’m finally taking the plunge into thyroid medicine. Thinning hair...
  3. Drareg

    Alzheimers And T3,Rt3

    Ray Peat has written and spoken about Alzheimers and dementia in general. These studies are small but very interesting, I don't understand why they don't check T3 and reverse T3 for Alzheimers.This is all I can find at the moment. Study showing T3 is low in Alzheimers patients . Low Levels...
  4. haidut

    Taurine (and Analogs) Increase T4 Into T3 Conversion 2-fold

    The chemical used in the study is a very close analog of taurine, and in fact I think it contains the taurine molecule as a component. It was developed as a synthetic analog of taurine that can achieve the same effects at a much lower dosages. The dosage was 3mg-4mg human equivalent, but since...
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