t3 conversion

  1. Drareg

    Alzheimers And T3,Rt3

    Ray Peat has written and spoken about Alzheimers and dementia in general. These studies are small but very interesting, I don't understand why they don't check T3 and reverse T3 for Alzheimers.This is all I can find at the moment. Study showing T3 is low in Alzheimers patients . Low Levels...
  2. haidut

    Taurine (and Analogs) Increase T4 Into T3 Conversion 2-fold

    The chemical used in the study is a very close analog of taurine, and in fact I think it contains the taurine molecule as a component. It was developed as a synthetic analog of taurine that can achieve the same effects at a much lower dosages. The dosage was 3mg-4mg human equivalent, but since...