1. Drareg

    The rise of Health Impact Bonds and public/private social bonds/ Sweden etc

    What are health impact bonds? Basically another fraudulent financial instrument created under the guise of assisting people’s health with "preventative measures", the "humanitarians" are at it again. If the new system going forward is about such bonds and in particular health, it means this...
  2. M

    Any Thoughts On The News That Sweden Has Reversed Their Plans And Is Failing?

    Covid-19: Sweden's herd immunity strategy has failed, hospitals inundated - NZ Herald This is making the rounds, I wondered peoples thoughts on it.
  3. haidut

    No Excess Deaths In Sweden In 2020 Compared To The Last 10 Years

    If that does not make people think twice about what they hear (or don't, when it comes to Sweden) on TV, then I don't know what will. Sweden: death rate 2010-2020 | Statista And here is a nice graphic already posted on Reddit and generating a lot of controversy there, showing daily new COVID-19...