1. K

    Update jail time (not going to jail)

    Read my first thread for context. I am not going to jail so that’s a positive. I just received a letter from the post company saying that my package needs to go through customs because the sender hadn’t provided enough information. They are asking me to send them the following: the receipt, a...
  2. Brandin

    Taking dhea in illegal countries

    Hi I am thinking of combining dhea with strong anti estrogens. The dhea dose would be around 10-15mg per day. The problem is that it is illegal in Sweden and I am extremely suspected for roids and police is watching me (In Sweden its legal to force drugtests on people who look "fishy". I got...
  3. Drareg

    Sweden is flattening the COVID curve too

    A MSM-ish outlet has finally covered Sweden and its covid situation, thankfully the Swedes are still alive. They do not have the delusional authoritarian lockdowns that many other countries in Europe have, the UK media would have you believe you will die instantly if you breach the 5km rule...
  4. Drareg

    Sweden/Denmark digital vaccine passport

    As predicted, the goal all along is to get our health digitized, the vaccine is the initial step, we spoke at length on here how folks would need the vaccine passport/license to travel, go to sporting events, concerts, enter supermarkets etc The idea is you don’t have to take the vaccine if you...
  5. Drareg

    Swedish antibody resistance to COVID rising, MSM ignore it.

    They were pumping a doomsday narrative again for Sweden again in December, they were pumping lockdowns this time around but Swedish limits their powers ,it then went quiet, we have seen this process with the medicinal tyrants since covid began, when doomsday doesn’t arrive they pretend the...
  6. Drareg

    The rise of Health Impact Bonds and public/private social bonds/ Sweden etc

    What are health impact bonds? Basically another fraudulent financial instrument created under the guise of assisting people’s health with "preventative measures", the "humanitarians" are at it again. If the new system going forward is about such bonds and in particular health, it means this...
  7. M

    Any Thoughts On The News That Sweden Has Reversed Their Plans And Is Failing?

    Covid-19: Sweden's herd immunity strategy has failed, hospitals inundated - NZ Herald This is making the rounds, I wondered peoples thoughts on it.
  8. haidut

    No Excess Deaths In Sweden In 2020 Compared To The Last 10 Years

    If that does not make people think twice about what they hear (or don't, when it comes to Sweden) on TV, then I don't know what will. Sweden: death rate 2010-2020 | Statista And here is a nice graphic already posted on Reddit and generating a lot of controversy there, showing daily new COVID-19...
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