1. I

    Hypothyroid. Unable To Sweat. Body Overheats Very Often

    Hello All, I'm hypothyroid and am currently on Levothyroxine 25 mcg. I tried adding T3 to my T4, but it raised my already high cortisol and gave me huge mid section weight gain. So I had to stop T3 until I fix my high cortisol issues. After supplementation, I'm not always cold like before and...
  2. Hans

    The High Acetylcholine Syndrome

    I wrote an article on acetylcholine which describes symptoms of high and low acetylcholine. I also discuss what can cause it to be high or low and what supplements can be used to block or boost it. The high acetylcholine syndrome » MenElite
  3. P


    Hi all, I've been browsing and referring to R.P's work intermittently for a while now. I was recently doing more research and self-experimentation into dopamine. I started taking Mucuna Pruriens (A natural L-DOPA source) and also had some DLPA arrive today. I noticed that my chronic underarm...