1. M

    Hypothyroid - Still Sweating?

    Whats the reasoning behind this? I feel fine during the day after taking NDT but mid day im burning hot. Is it cause this is all new? And my Body needs to regulate? My skin is so hot. Sitting at dinner i was sweating eating steak
  2. M

    Why am I sweating every time I eat?

    28 yr old male I sweat only with my afternoon & evening meals not breakfast. Also can happen randomly in the afternoon.. like full on drench.. Why is that? I feel like a hormonal teenage girl with these hot flashes! I also feel like I cant get full ever. I had a huge dinner felt full for 10...
  3. haidut

    Low progesterone, not low estrogen, drives night sweats, insomnia of menopause

    Every time I see a study like this I catch myself singing the glorious Queen lyrics "...another one bites the dust". In this case, what bytes the dust is the pernicious myth that estrogen deficiency drives many of the features of menopause - from the more benign symptoms such as insomnia, night...
  4. Ilona K.

    Acid Reflex; Bloodwork results and Nail test results Male 36 YRS

    Hello, I am trying to help my husband with his general health. I have attached the most recent bloodwork, and nail test with Georgi Dinkov lab. He struggles with: -acid reflex in the day time and very bad in the night time -Very sensitive to some foods. -I am wondering if he needs thyroid...
  5. I

    Hypothyroid. Unable To Sweat. Body Overheats Very Often

    Hello All, I'm hypothyroid and am currently on Levothyroxine 25 mcg. I tried adding T3 to my T4, but it raised my already high cortisol and gave me huge mid section weight gain. So I had to stop T3 until I fix my high cortisol issues. After supplementation, I'm not always cold like before and...
  6. Hans

    The High Acetylcholine Syndrome

    I wrote an article on acetylcholine which describes symptoms of high and low acetylcholine. I also discuss what can cause it to be high or low and what supplements can be used to block or boost it. The high acetylcholine syndrome » MenElite
  7. P


    Hi all, I've been browsing and referring to R.P's work intermittently for a while now. I was recently doing more research and self-experimentation into dopamine. I started taking Mucuna Pruriens (A natural L-DOPA source) and also had some DLPA arrive today. I noticed that my chronic underarm...