1. A

    Seeking high value for money supplements from Idealabs: Please help with reccomendations.

    If you are on a budget and trying to buy a supplement from Idealabs. Which supplement would you buy and why?
  2. RealNeat

    Homeopathic Peating (Progesterone, Aspirin, Thyroid, Caffeine etc) lower risk?

    Homeopathy is very much a manmade idea, but so are pretty much all other things we engage with on a daily basis. One could argue its a more natural way to approach exogenous compounds as it "lets the body choose" instead of being forced to respond to a compound. Before trying this theory myself...
  3. Brandin

    Best way to storage supplements?

    I am going to buy powder in bulk looking forward. Anyone here knows what are the best storage options? I have heard miron glas is very good. Are there other options? How do you guys store your supplements?
  4. W

    C15:0 pentadecanoic acid

    Have people seen this new supplement called Fatty 15? Big claims are being made about it being an essential fatty acid, and having several metabolic benefits in dolphins where it was discovered, as well as in humans. The website lays out the claims for your health. Pentadecanoic Acid Benefits...
  5. D

    Abram Hoffer supplementation

    Many of this forum users may have known Abram Hoffer and I don't think I have to introduce him. I would like to ask what you think about supplements he took. There's a video on youtube where he tells about what he takes. ( View: ) Below I put a list of...
  6. Connor888

    Capsule absorption?

    I have been supplementing with basic substances for awhile, and some pregnenolone now and again -- without much benefit to speak of really. Out of curiosity, I decided to try a tiny amount of the powder from a b complex & pregnenolone on my tongue. And I have never felt better; despite taking...
  7. C

    How to best Apply topicals with the hand?

    While there's already a consensus on what parts of the body topical supplements should be applied to, I don't believe if it's been mentioned how to use the hand to apply these topicals Do you guys use the palm of the hand, or the finger tips? Do you rub them thoroughly onto the selected area...
  8. T

    Adrenal Glandulars Source

    what is a good source for adrenal glandulars that contains cortisol? I’m aware of LifeGivingStore, but they go out of stock often and would like other options. Also, RLC labs A-Drenal, but I’m not sure if their product is real bovine adrenal cortex or just parts of the gland that don’t...
  9. K

    Update jail time (not going to jail)

    Read my first thread for context. I am not going to jail so that’s a positive. I just received a letter from the post company saying that my package needs to go through customs because the sender hadn’t provided enough information. They are asking me to send them the following: the receipt, a...
  10. F

    Which supplements should not be taken with coffee?

    It’s so much easier to take my supplements in the morning before the busy day begins. I never know if coffee or combining supplements renders them useless or harmful. Has anyone figured this out?
  11. tastyfood

    Is a Certificate of Analysis enough to consider a supplement non-contaminated?

    The question: If I get a Certificate of Analysis from a company, and it says the lead levels conformed with the standard of ≤1ppm, does that necessarily mean the product is void of ANY lead? Or is this a situation where the product could still be slightly contaminated with ≤1ppm of lead? The...
  12. cs3000

    What's your protocol for when you get sick with a cold / flu infection?

    What supplements / foods do you find helps to recover faster or ease symptoms?
  13. D

    Combining other b vitamins with niacinamide

    Hello there, I’ve decided to make a hair topical like solban cause I cannot (and will not) be able to put my hand on it due to shipping difficulties here in egypt and pure niacinamide is so expensive here, so i found some supplement containing niacinamide as one of it’s active ingred., i...
  14. teds

    MB source Australia

    Hello- does anyone know if a good source of methylene blue for Australia? I e traditionally used Oxidal which is great but I’m wanting just pure MB for future use in addition. Thanks 🤞
  15. Sefton10

    The Amazing and Mighty Ginger

    Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects (2nd edition). Chapter 7: The Amazing and Mighty Ginger The primary purpose of this chapter is to comprehensively examine the available scientific evidence regarding ginger’s proven effectiveness in preventing or treating a variety of...
  16. RenaissanceMan

    Hormones/supplements to optimize for job interviews?

    Any recommendations for preparing for a whole day of interviews from a bioenergetic perspective? I was thinking that increasing DHT and T is obviously important to combat nerves and lower serotonin, but I also need to have high verbal fluency, of course. Do you guys have any recommendations...
  17. B

    What to take before a flight to mitigate tricresyl phosphate exposures?

    Is there any supplement to mitigate the toxicity associated with air travel? I know that there is considerably higher radiation, and there is a ton of threads on this forum regarding radiation protocols. My main concern is tricresyl phosphate, which enters the cabin via bleed air from the...
  18. Hayley

    Radically different effects from different forms of magnesium

    I take magnesium before bed, I find it to be relaxing and helps me fall asleep, but have had varied results depending on the type of magnesium used. - calm brand magnesium, which is magnesium citrate. While that form calms me so much that I’m knocked out to sleep, I tend to wake up later in...
  19. K

    I’ve got Omicron

    Hey all — Happy New Year! I appear to have contracted Omicron. The only vaxxed person in my house was the first to show symptoms, and in the days since, the illness has ripped through the rest of us. I haven’t tested, but my experience aligns perfectly with all the symptoms I’ve seen online...
  20. RenaissanceMan

    Best Supplement Company 2022?

    What are your thoughts on the best supplement company for someone who wants to buy a bioavailable multivitamin without fillers
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