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  1. BearWithMe

    Vitamin D supps might have shelf life as low as 2 weeks after opening?

    This guy suggests that after you open a bottle with vitamin D supplement, you have just about 2 weeks to consume it before it completely loses its potency. Because when you open the bottle, oxygen gets in and can begin the decay process of the vitamin D into inactive metabolites. I haven't...
  2. Hayley

    Horrible depressive side effects from melatonin

    I just ran out of the melatonin (3 mg) I’ve been taking for 3 months now. I kind of suspected it might be making me sluggish but I kept taking it because I wanted to be knocked out to go to sleep. The past two mornings without taking it the night before I’ve woken up not feeling like a train hit...
  3. NodeCerebri

    European Vendor for Idealabs products?

    Will there be the possibility to have a european vendor of idealabs products where they ship products from within the EU? Yeah, I know I could order it from the US, but the customs are ********************* Thanks for any help.
  4. K

    Quit Vitamin E Cold Turkey?

    Hi all! 24/F. I've been taking mixed tocopherol Vitamin E for 2-3 weeks. 400IU daily. (This brand.) I've noticed some positive impacts (extended luteal phase, yeehaw!) but also, I've noticed an increased frequency of bruising, and that bruises take longer to heal. I want to reduce my intake to...
  5. R

    Endotoxin antagonists appear to slow metabolism.

    Through a ton of self experimentation I've found out that in order to increase metabolism on a high calorie diet all TLR4(endotoxin) inhibitors should be greatly reduced. And it does not really matter which ones exactly are currently saturating endotoxin receptors as antagonists, whether its...
  6. RenaissanceMan

    What's the best supplement to lower Prolactin?

    Preface: I've noticed that, from what I've read, prolactin is the one of the only "bad" hormones that can be lowered by a large amount without any negative consequences. For instance, estrogen and cortisol can cause some bad effects when they are too low, but low prolactin sounds amazing from...
  7. U

    Maca during early pregnancy?

    I have heard claims that maca boosts progesterone levels and also estrogen (enough progesterone can balance it out) boosts fertility and lowers the rate of pregnancy loss. If a woman is 10 weeks pregnant would this be a thing to try or avoid?
  8. D

    OEA, maybe my favorite supplement?

    Recently I started taking Oleoylethanolamide or OEA from science.bio. This ***t is life changing. A supplement you can truly feel. It acts on the endocannabinoid system and is very similar to anandamide. I feel euphoria, relaxation, and just overall happiness and well being when I take it...
  9. copycat

    Specific advice / a funny predicament.

    Hi! I've made a few posts before but I'd like to keep it short and ask for specific advice. Apologies in advance for my weird English. As you can imagine, it's not my mother tongue, haha. LATER-EDIT: I guess you can ignore the ''keeping it short'' part. I'm a 23 year old male, 1,83cm tall...
  10. R

    Suppliers Thread - Supplements, heatlth foods, pharmaceuticals, other products

    hey all. I'm thinking it would be good to compile a list of suppliers of various things (good foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, red lights etc). I think this would help members find the best suppliers in their area and also help to find some harder to acquire options. It could look something...
  11. R

    Swallowing pills and them feeling like they are stuck and you're gonna die!

    Since I am finally calming down from my ridiculous panic episode after getting two supplement pills stuck in my throat (esophagus?), I figured I would share it so you could get a kick out of it or you could share your own horror story. Brief Context So I have always been afraid of choking...
  12. M

    Vitamin D3 makes me feel cold

    So I've been taking for almost a month vitamins D3 & K2MK4 (in one pill that I smash to dust and add to my milk) and just vitamin D3 (pill, same company as the other). Lately I upped my D3 dose to 8000 IUs and there was a reason for it, but I started feeling cold despite no changes in my diet...
  13. Braveheart

    Mass Deception: Dietary Supplements Unproven, Experimental Vaccines Safe & Effective

  14. M

    I’m Not Convinced Vitamin D Should Be Supplemented

    I was going through my old lectures on Calcium and did a double check firing up Pubmed... this scheme seems to make it pretty clear that calcitriol, just like PTH and Aldosterone should not be used up, to avoid intracellular calcification and higher blood pressure? However, other studies...
  15. DANIEL

    Lesson Learned: Dropping All Supplements Is Peat Approved

    So many people are obsessed with supplements, despite the fact that most have not seen a tangible improvement in their quality of life from them. Perhaps it's due to adopting the belief that a pill will magically cure your problems. At best it's the placebo effect. Testosterone boosting one...
  16. T

    Newly Peating And New Acne

    I am slowly transitioning my life to Peat but want to change my diet slowly so I have only currently done away with PUFA and gotten clean cottage cheese, meat and eggs (insect-eating) I have incorporated new supplements and wonder if one of these could be causing my sudden acne. I am getting...
  17. emac

    Idealabs And Australian Customs - Experiences And Advice?

    Hey, there are many idealabs supplements that i am keen to use, for the Australian users here, how have your experiences been with shipping and customs? ideally i would purchase several different supplements at once just to have them as a remedy/ test which suit me best for daily/weekly use...
  18. F

    My Blood Tests Results After 2 Weeks Of NDT

    Hi Guys. Below i paste my blood test results 1.5 months apart. I took NDT only two weeks before i did the second test, for the first week I took one caps 40mg bovine source, and the second week I took 2x40mg caps. It's clear to me that I feel less stressed/more relaxed during the day even...
  19. L

    Dehydrated VS Freeze Dried Liver

    I wondered if anyone has any more info on dehydrating liver to make desiccated liver capsules. It’s fairly inexpensive to get hold of a dehydrator compared to spending lots on a freeze dryer. I’ve read quite a bit that suggests that dehydrating liver isn’t that good. Any opinions on this? Thank you
  20. M

    Help With T3, T4 And Weird Lab Results

    Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a while. Two years ago, I had blood exams done and my TSH resulted to be 4.27 but my primary care physician refused to treat me with supplementary T3 and T4, because according to the lab the normal range for TSH...