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sugar consumption

  1. Eastcoast Seth

    How Much Sugar In One Meal?

    How much sugar can the body safely handle in one meal? Let’s say I ate maple syrup or honey. how much of it can my body process at once?
  2. burtlancast

    2014 Study: Normal Sugar Consumption Not Associated With Health Problems

    EDIT: I posted this to vindicate carbohydrates in the causation of diabetes, but, as LucH pointed out, it's made by by a scientist bought and paid for by the soft drink industry. Sugars and Health Controversies: What Does the Science Say? The consumption of sugar and its relation to various...
  3. S

    Sugar Consumption Down 34% Since 1970

    http://www.sugar.org/chart-is-sugar-consumption-trending-up-or-down/ Oh and by the way 87.5% increase 1970-1999
  4. M

    Feeling hot after eating sugar??

    My face starts going red and I feel sweaty. I have been consuming refined sugars in the form of candy, fruit juice, fruits, milk etc. I just upped my sugar consumption in the last few days from a higher starch diet and have been suffering from low carb induced reactive hypoglycemia for the last...