succinic acid

  1. AlphaCog

    Propionate Microbiome

    A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencing Gut bacteria use mostly fermentation to generate energy, converting sugars, in part, to short-chain fatty acid, that are used by the host as energy source. Acetate is important for muscle, heart and brain cells...
  2. tastyfood

    Did Great Plains Labs Mycotox profile test: positive for Ochratoxin A, Gliotoxin, and sterigmatocystin.

    I got my results for the Mycotoxins profile from Great Plain Labs, and it shows slightly elevated levels of Ochratoxin A, Gliotoxin, and sterigmatocystin. I think I have some mold in the shower's travertine that could be at least causing the elevation in Ochratoxin A. I am going to try to...
  3. tastyfood

    Succinic acid: At what time of the day to take, and with or without food?

    I started experimenting with succinic acid, 200 mg once a day, the pills from the Russian brands on Amazon. I feeling a great effect from them metabolically speaking, but I noticed that they can be a bit hard on my stomach sometimes. Do you recommend taking it with food, or shortly after a...
  4. Hans

    How to protect yourself against exercise-induced endotoxin absorption

    Endotoxin can significantly negatively affect your health, from chronic low-grade inflammation, joint degeneration, organ inflammation and dysfunction, brain degeneration, insulin resistance, etc. Most people know that gut dysbiosis can increase endotoxin production and absorption into the body...
  5. Peroxphos

    Where to buy bulk succinate / succinic acid in Europe?

    Does someone know where to buy 500gr or 1kg of succinic acid or any succinate salt in Europe, without being a registered professional ? All vendors seem to require a professional ID. I would like to try the pro-metabolic effects and the biofilm disruption effect. Thanks and best regards
  6. Mauritio

    Vitamin E Succinate Very Effective Against Liver Carcinoma ,acetate Form Increases It

    Very interesting study that shows Vitamin E succinate to decrease hepatocellular carcinoma by 77% ! It was actually caused/increased by vitamin E acetate . I included the whole results section from the abstract ,because every point actually deserves it's own discussion . Also vitamin A and D...
  7. haidut

    Cardenosine - Liquid Product For R&D

    Our new product is finally here and it is "all about the ATP". I mentioned quite a few times on the forum and over email that we plan on releasing an ATP product and people have been asking me about it for the last few months. It seems a very simple task at first but we thought that we can do a...
  8. ecstatichamster

    What Do You Know About Succinic Acid

    seems to be a weight loss aid, hangover cure and ingredient of cytoflavin
  9. Bluebell

    Is It OK To Only Have Vitamin E Succinate

    I am wondering if it's OK to take vitamin E succinate (dry vitamin E) as my only vitamin E supplement. I have tried many different brands of the mixed vitamin E, and I always feel sick/toxic from them. I have tried them mixed into olive oil first, eaten with food, had small amounts, but I...
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