1. cs3000

    The different impact between Vitamin E forms on cancer growth

    estrogen stimulated breast cancer (desirable effect from alpha, delta, gamma, or gamma mixed tocopherols) 0.2% of diet (>1g tocopherol human?) alpha slowed estrogen cancer, gamma and delta performed better. but mixed tocopherols high in...
  2. haidut

    Impaired OXPHOS by high ketones drives heart failure

    Just a few weeks after my post on how excessive fatty acid oxidation (FAO) drives cancer, below is another great new study, which corroborates once again the hypothesis that excessive FAO (and/or fatty acid supply into the mitochondria of the cell) result in impaired OXPHOS and organ damage...
  3. Peroxphos

    Where to buy bulk succinate / succinic acid in Europe?

    Does someone know where to buy 500gr or 1kg of succinic acid or any succinate salt in Europe, without being a registered professional ? All vendors seem to require a professional ID. I would like to try the pro-metabolic effects and the biofilm disruption effect. Thanks and best regards
  4. Mauritio

    Vitamin E Succinate Very Effective Against Liver Carcinoma ,acetate Form Increases It

    Very interesting study that shows Vitamin E succinate to decrease hepatocellular carcinoma by 77% ! It was actually caused/increased by vitamin E acetate . I included the whole results section from the abstract ,because every point actually deserves it's own discussion . Also vitamin A and D...
  5. haidut

    Cardenosine - Liquid Product For R&D

    Our new product is finally here and it is "all about the ATP". I mentioned quite a few times on the forum and over email that we plan on releasing an ATP product and people have been asking me about it for the last few months. It seems a very simple task at first but we thought that we can do a...
  6. haidut

    Breakthrough In Understanding (and Potentially Reversing) Aging

    This studies only looked at skin cells but the mechanism is apparently present in all tissue cells and as such the scientists think that therapies can be developed not only for reversing skin aging but also systemic aging. Unsurprisingly, skin cell aging was found to be due to decline of...
  7. W

    Vitamin E Succinate Induces NAG-1 Expression In A P38 Kinase

    Vitamin E succinate induces NAG-1 expression in a p38 kinase-dependent mechanism. Shim M, Eling TE. Eicosanoids Biochemistry Section, Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH, 111 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA...
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