structured water

  1. EnergeticLeo

    Gilbert Ling 4 Hour Interview (OTBOAT)

    View: #59 - Gilbert Ling: On the Back of a Tiger Interview From The Unadulterated Intellect podcast
  2. Recoen

    Cowan And Pollack On Water

    Does anyone have a copy of Pollack’s book “Muscle and Molecules”? aspirin builds the EZ
  3. haidut

    In Defense Of Gilbert Ling - Ion Pumps Not Needed To Explain Cell Physiology

    The purported existence of pumps is the official reason why Gilbert Ling's AI hypothesis was removed from Wikipedia. I posted a few days ago about the "newly" discovered role of ATP as a protein hydrotrope and co-solvent - something Ling postulated back in the 1950s. Gilbert Ling's Theory...
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