1. loess

    Effects of Stress and Trauma (Eluv Radio, 2014)

    Transcribed by aquaman, burtlancast and loess. Download link for mp3: ... mplete.mp3
  2. haidut

    Serotonin Is Involved In The Formation Of Traumatic Memories

    The study makes several points. First, serotonin is involved in the formation of traumatic memories when under shock / stress. Second, memories do not appear to be stored in the synapses, which implies that in theory lost memories (like in patients with Alzheimers or concussions) can be restored...
  3. burtlancast

    Serotonin, Endotoxins, Stress, KMUD Herb Doctors, 2011

    Found this transcript on the net, done by Geneviève Devereaux Posted as it is. Download the MP3 : ... ritalk.mp3
  4. burtlancast

    Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, The Relationship To Stress, KMUD Herb Doctors , 2012

    Download of the MP3 file: The original transcript was by Geneviève Deveraux; it got completed by Giraffe, and then verified by me. I've had to shorten some caller...
  5. haidut

    Stress is a potent stimulator of prolactin and GH release

    It is common knowledge among Peatarians that both prolactn and growth hormone (GH) are stress hormones that ar ebest kept as low as possible. This study shows that things hypoglycemia, surgery and exercise are all potent stimulators of these stress hormones. The last time I talked to my doctor...
  6. haidut

    Clonidine May Be A Viable Therapy For IBD / IBS, And UC

    Irritable bowel syndrome / disease and ulcerative colitis have been known to be affected / triggered predominantly by stress, mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. As such, it appears logical that a drug like clonidine would be helpful and indeed the studies below claim that clonidne may...
  7. A

    Eluv Stress Part 1

    RP Stress Interview - Eluv - Part 1 If you're really healthy then you can meet challenges without experiencing something that Hans Selye would have called stress, for example if you are not very healthy, just skipping a meal can put you in really serious stress, but a healthy person stores...
  8. haidut

    Stress Triggers But Magnesium Prevents Neurological Diseases

    This should not really be a surprise for followers of Peat and Selye, but it is always nice to see modern medicine make the connection between something considered benign, like stress and the associated NMDA "receptor", and serious diseases. Interestingly, if stress works primarily through NMDA...
  9. haidut

    Osteoporosis Is Caused By Stress And Estrogen

    I was shocked to find this "editorial" in, of all places, the BMJ since it is known as one of the bastions of modern "medicine" (together with NEJM). I hope this is a good sign that not all allopathic doctors are villains. Either way, it makes for a very interesting read and it reads as if Peat...
  10. haidut

    Dieting Is Stressful, And Probably Makes You Fat

    There is a quote on the front page of the forum from Ray saying that chronic dieting leads to hypothyroidism. One of the mechanisms this happens through is the chronically elevated cortisol levels that dieting causes. Here is a study that discussed the effects of dieting on cortisol in humans...
  11. haidut

    Stress gives you 11 extra pounds of body weight (fat) a year

    I think we all know that stress makes you fat, but this is more specific and measured how much stress affects your weight. The study used a high-fat diet, which probably aggravated the wight gain even more, but the overall diet was not hypercaloric. The 11lbs of fat per year is nothing to laugh...
  12. haidut

    Stress Effects Are Inherited Up To 3 Generations Later

    The study in this case looked at starvation, which is a very common example of chronic stress in Peat-land. ... inherited/ "...Evidence from human famines and animal studies suggests that starvation can affect the health of descendants of famished...
  13. haidut

    Stress increases weight gain by slowing down metabolism

    Another confirmation of Peat's quote on the front page about stress-metabolism connection. Some other interesting "findings" as well - i.e. saturated fat is..gasp..not bad for us! It is stress that ruins us. ... -suggests/ "...The women who recorded...
  14. haidut

    The Connection Between Stress (adrenalin), Bacteria And Cvd

    Interesting study, explaining the connection between stress (and its agents adrenalin / noradrenalin), bacterial proliferation and heart attacks / strokes. ... rt.attacks "...Scientists believe they have an explanation for the axiom that stress...
  15. haidut

    Surgery Stress Causes Memory Loss And Dementia

    This has been known for quite some time, but the official position has been that it only happens in compromised patients (i.e. elderly, neurologically deficient, infected, etc). RP has written about how the body perceives surgery as major stress and how even healthy people have mental fog for...
  16. haidut

    The neuro-symphony of stress

    A decent review of the stress response and the involvement of the nervous system. One thing that immediately caught my eye was the monoaminergic aspect of the stress response. Unavoidable stress (aka learned helplessness) does lead to elevated serotonin and the other way around, as RP has said...
  17. haidut

    Adrenergic dysfunction may be the cause of all "addictions"

    Obviously, chronic stress is the most likely cause behind chronically elevated adrenalin levels, as is low blood sugar. This boosts the validity "Rat Park Experiment" and the theory behind it, which showed that rats used "addictive" substances only when under stress, and stop using them when...
  18. haidut

    Stress-induced glycolysis is mediated by adrenalin

    A nice study that ties together the hypoglycemic state of shock with increased levels of lactate and pyruvate - all caused by adrenalin. Anti-adrenalin agents (beta "receptor" blockers) successfully ameliorated the condition. I wonder if clonidine would do the same given another study I found...
  19. haidut

    Vitamin B6 protects the gut from stress-induced damage

    Stress-induced ulcers are a common issue anywhere in the world where the environment is primed for instilling learned helplessness in people. It looks like vitamin B6 (again, the cheap pyridoxine hydrochloride salt) can help. Furthermore, it looks like B6 may have more general anti-stress action...
  20. J


    The message I get when I read Ray Peat is that we should avoid stress as much as possible. Now it's possible, even likely, that I am misinterpreting the message. But when I read threads like this one on intermittent fasting (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2509), and others on exercise and cold showers, it...