stress reaction

  1. BearWithMe

    Boosting metabolism causes huge stress reaction in very well fed body

    I'm eating 400-500g of sugar and 200-250g of protein every day. Around 3000 kcal daily. All good quality, Peaty foods. Oranges, raisins, milk, cheese, organ meats. I'm eating every hour or so. Yet I can't handle even the slightest metabolic boost. 100mg of caffeine, 50mg of niacinamide, 150mg...
  2. Amazoniac

    Sugar Cravings After A Meal Caused By Insulin Or Stress Response? How Do You Know?

    How to know that the cravings for sugar after a high GI index meal occur due to insulin or due to counter-regulatory stress hormones? Since both of them probably generate cravings to compensate by providing fast energy..
  3. haidut

    Theanine Stops And Reverses The Stress Reaction (cortisol, Noradrenalin, Dopamine)

    Theanine seems more and more like a really good tool in the fight against stress. These two studies basically show that theanine should be able to stop the stress reaction in its tracks and also reverse whatever cognitive damage chronic stress exposure did to the organism. The major findings...
  4. haidut

    Lactic Acid (lactate) Triggers Stress Response In The Brain

    The article tries to spin it in a positive light - i.e. that releasing adrenaline in the brain is beneficial. However we care about the direct message itself - adrenaline/noradrenaline are stress hormones and lactic acid triggers their release in the brain. This is likely harmful if experienced...
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