1. haidut

    Fat increases estrogen synthesis, even in menopausal females; glucose lowers it

    A fascinating study, which provides a number of important findings and insights. First, the study shows that fat (from diet or lipolysis) drives estrogen production not only in fat cells (which has been known for decades, even by mainstream medicine), but also in other organs typically not...
  2. cs3000

    Antihistamine solution for mystery gut cramp / pain / vomiting event

    Putting this up incase someone's searching for a similar thing in the future A handful of times i've had an event where i start getting stomach pain, which gets stronger & stronger & turns into waves of intense cramping, then constant nonstop vomiting for a day with it. going to hospital...
  3. A

    Throat Tightness For Months

    I have been struggling with throat tightness for about 3 months now, since March 9th. It all started the day after eating some Kitfo, injera and shiro-wot at an Ethiopian restaurant in my city. Of course, Ethiopian cuisine has lots of spices and is generally spicy food, but because this place...
  4. J

    What happens after gastritis?

    So what happens after the inflammation from chronic gastritis is gone? Does one naturally produce more stomach acids if one was lacking that? Or is it so damaged that it can no longer function as normal? Does one need to heal the lining? Thanks in advance!
  5. TeaChedda

    Stomach Paralysis

    I have a friend whose dealing with stomach paralysis, trying to find a way to help her. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
  6. miquelangeles

    Androgen Biosynthesis in the Stomach

    For the last ~6 months I've been experimenting with pregnenolone in different dosages, frequencies, schedule and routes of administration. There are already numerous threads about it's effects (they are very different depending on all those factors), but I want to mention two things that I...
  7. J

    Zinc carnosine causing stomach discomfort!?

    I’ve been taking zinc carnosine for a couple days after a short stint with apple cider vinegar. I believe I may have gastritis and ACV really irritated it. I stopped the ACV and started zinc carnosine afterwards to hopefully heal some of the damage. I’m fine during the day and I take my zinc...
  8. J

    Food poisoning?

    Ok not sure where to place this but does food poisoning always result in vomiting/diarrhea? I may hv eaten a questionable food product but all i feel is nausea, stomach burn/acid. I wish i could just vomit so i could feel better. I don’t have diarrhea but as I’m typing this my intestines may...
  9. JamesGatz

    In Defense of Starch - TCM and eating many cold/damp foods (fruit/milk) seems to be anti-metabolic ?

    I'm sure many on the forum are familiar with TCM and it's view on the Spleen and Stomach eating nothing but cold/damp foods - I will leave a short description here for those unfamiliar : "In dampness and phlegm, it is important to nourish the Spleen, which means that the consumption of raw...
  10. C

    Ulcers, H. Pylori, Malnutrition, & Plain Old Stress

    How do you know whether an ulcer (or severe inflammation of the stomach) is caused by h. pylori or some other, non-microbial stressor? For the last few weeks, I've had increasingly severe upper GI problems. Initially, I was just getting sporadic, mild stress reactions to swallowing some...
  11. haidut

    Ammonia May Be The Direct Cause Of Ulcers In The Stomach

    The official cause of stomach ulcers is of course still H. pylori infection but up until now the exact mechanism through which the bacteria damages the mucosa was not known. It seems that the bacteria is really good at breaking down urea into ammonia and CO2 and it is the ammonia which does the...
  12. haidut

    Aspirin Does NOT Cause Damage To Stomach Or Intestines

    There has been a great deal of controversy in regards to the effects of aspirin on the GI tract. Most sources of "common" medical knowledge claim that aspirin is very bad for the GI tract, while Ray has claimed that is not true and sometimes even the opposite. This study claims that aspirin...
  13. haidut

    Caffeine protects the gastric mucosa from NSAIDs and alcohol

    The alcohol case is clear and it is well known that it damages the mucosa. The drug used to induce damage was ibuprofen, but I don't see why the results and conclusions would not translate to aspirin as well, thus making an even stronger case for combining aspirin with caffeine. Effective human...
  14. haidut

    Aspirin Conditioning Protects The Stomach From All Irritants

    Ray has written how the stomach can be conditioned to tolerate aspirin by using titrated dosages, after which the stomach becomes very resilient to higher aspirin dosages as well as all kinds of other irritants. This study confirms the approach. The conditioning schedule was 5 days of human dose...
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