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stomach acid

  1. J

    Zinc carnosine causing fatigue

    Hello! Can anyone help me understand why Zinc Carnosine makes me SO tired? The “I can’t keep my brain/eyes turned on. im getting anxious” type of tired. My mother is also taking this but she does not experience fatigue. My body has been through the wringer. I had major blood loss (lady...
  2. K

    Small burps/belches even on an empty stomach fasted, especially if I drink water? they get stuck in my throat/stomach

    Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? It seemingly spontaneously started happening when I was going pretty heavy on High vitamin K doses and also on high histamine foods (bone broth, gelatin, kefir, dark chocolate) but I have since stopped eating gelatin, bone broth, dark...
  3. A

    Do Carbonated/acidic Beverages Help Protein Digestion In Low Stomach Acid Environment?

    The question is in the title.
  4. D

    Low Stomach Acid Remedies

    I know that one of my main issues right now is low stomach acid. I believe that this is the precursor to secondary issues that result in long-term systemic failure of the organism. For example, I would imagine it creates a chain of events as follow: Low stomach acid ->compromised...