stearic acid

  1. Brandin

    Wich of these Sigma Aldrich Stearic acids should i buy?

    Im looking for bulk stearic acid and found these so far: I tried to research abit wich one is best for consumprion but have very limited time in this part of my life. If someone could tell me wich ones are the safest for...
  2. RealNeat

    The "Chad" of oils. Is this seed oil the savior we have been waiting for? High stearic sunflower oil.

    Upon seeing that sunflowers have a high amount of vitamin E compared to other foods I investigated how to incorporate them in the diet without supplements but also without PUFA, or at least not very much, High oleic sunflower oil has about 5.5mg of Vitamin E per tablespoon which is pretty good...
  3. youngsinatra

    The Emergence Diet : Get Out of Torpor! „ In this video I ask how mammals get out of torpor. Grizzly bears are the most appropriate model organism: monogastric, large-bodied, omnivorous hibernators. We also happen to have very detailed knowledge about their diet and it...
  4. A

    Stearic acid smell/taste

    Hello, I bought stearic acid from here, I tried it today but has a really strong smell like crayons or industrial chemical, it does not have taste though. Has anybody tried stearic acid and can report the smell/taste of it? Thanks
  5. haidut

    Stearic acid (SA) is an estrogen receptor antagonist

    Over the last year or so I stumbled upon a few studies claiming both SA (C18:0) and its methyl ester are capable of binding the estrogen receptors (ER) and modulate their transcription effects. However, those studies did not evaluate if SA acted as an agonist or antagonist on those receptors...
  6. A

    Stearic acid attenuates profibrotic signalling in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    Background and objective: Lipid metabolism dysregulation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of IPF; however, the roles of most lipid metabolites in lung fibrosis remain unexplored. Therefore, we aimed to identify changes in lipid metabolites in the lung tissues of IPF patients and determine...
  7. Pointless

    How Uric Acid Becomes Gout

    Engagement of fatty acids with Toll-like receptor 2 drives interleukin-1β production via the ASC/caspase 1 pathway in monosodium urate monohydrate cr... - PubMed - NCBI The researchers found that stearic acid interacted with TLR receptors to create an inflammatory reaction, and that stearic...
  8. Mito

    Dietary Stearic Acid Regulates Mitochondria In Vivo In Humans Abstract Since modern foods are unnaturally enriched in single metabolites, it is important to understand which metabolites are sensed by the human body and which are not. We previously showed that the fatty acid stearic acid (C18:0) signals...
  9. haidut

    Topical Stearic Acid Is Metabolized Into Longer Chain SFA

    This seems like a very interesting study, but is in French and not available from PubMed. So, I am hoping @burtlancast would be able to obtain it and maybe translate the relevant fractions. The study shows that dietary stearic acid is both incorporated into cell lipids and metabolized further...
  10. haidut

    Just 20g Stearic Acid Daily Improves Cardiovascular Health In Human Males

    Despite FDA's recent reversal of public policy on dietary cholesterol, there is still no reversal of its position on saturated fats being detrimental to health. This despite the fact that the same study on which the FDA based its reversal of position on cholesterol also called for ending the war...
  11. haidut

    Stearic Acid Increases Mitochondrial Function, May Treat Parkinson Disease (PD)

    I posted recently about the ability of dietary stearic acid to reduce abdominal fat accumulation by more than 70%. This study provides some insight as to what the mechanism of action behind that anti-obesity effect may be. The study below found that when stearic acid was fed at a dose of 10% of...
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