1. S

    Dietary type 2 resistant starch improves systemic inflammation and intestinal permeability?

    Abstract Type 2 resistant starch (RS2) is a fermentable dietary fiber conferring health benefits. We investigated the effects of RS2 on host, gut microbiota, and metabolites in aged mice on high-fat diet. In eighteen-month old mice randomly assigned to control, high-fat (HF), or high-fat+20% RS2...
  2. M

    Without good fruit available would you eat starches?

    I'm in a situation where milk is still not an option for my nutrition, so I rely on Greek yogurt and cheese, which have nowhere near the micronutrients of milk but they get the job done. I used to squeeze over 1kg of oranges into juice but lately everything at the supermarket is green and sour...
  3. username

    Erectile dysfunction at 29. No morning wood for years (unless eating lots of starch and fat before bed).

    I am 29 years old. I come from adhering fairly strictly to the carnivore diet for almost 3 years. I would cheat from time to time. I started eating more carbs and more peaty things around 6 months ago. Morning wood is very uncommon for me and has been for many years. I have noticed the only time...
  4. J

    The Low-Fat Era - A Big Fat Lie?

    You hear all the time from low-carb/keto/carnivore people that the introduction of low-fat products and the governmental push of low-fat diets is a major cause of today's health problems. So I actually tried to dig up nutrition statistics over the ages. If you actually look at the statistics...
  5. B

    My Starch Paradox - Feel Really Good But Terrible Sleep

    I’ve read endlessly on this but I’m still a bit confused. I did “no starch” for a few months and felt super amazing - my face got less puffy, less water weight, amazing & fast digestion. All round inlove with the results... BUT I started to struggle sleeping throughout the night? I’ve never...
  6. J

    Honey And Dairy Kill Libido And Ability To Get Erection

    Any idea why? Carbs from starch or fruits don't do it. I have to mention that the honey is raw (all honey in Germany is), and I was fairly allergic to pollen honey (clogged nose) so I switched to forest honey(?), which seemed to make the reaction go away, but it still killed my libido. Dairy...
  7. P

    Rusk Bread

    rusks are probably better type of bread, most of the time Of all foods bread is the most noble: Carl von Linné (Carl Linneaus) on bread
  8. pauljacob

    Is Microwaving A Potato Same As Boiling It For An Hour?

    Is microwaving a medium-size potato for say 4-5 minutes the same as boiling it for an hour? Does microwaving remove resistant starch from it just like boiling?
  9. Twohandsondeck

    Meat + Citrus Is Good For Digestion But Meat + White Rice Is Good For Getting Jacked?(Vertical Diet)

    This post references the "Vertical Diet" by Stan Efferding. It's a way to eat for physical performance (not necessarily longevity) that has many great testimonies. _________________________________________________ Anecdotally I've found that eating meat and then following it with pineapple...
  10. W

    Studies On Sucrose And Starch

    Replacement of dietary fat by sucrose or starch: effects on 14 d ad libitum energy intake, energy expenditure and body weight in formerly obese and... - PubMed - NCBI Liquid versus solid carbohydrate: effects on food intake and body weight. - PubMed - NCBI Isocaloric exchange of dietary...
  11. Mito

    Sometimes Sugar Is Better Than Starch

    Our ability to digest starch well depends on the amount of the enzyme amylase in our saliva according to Chris Masterjohn. Salivary amylase begins converting starch into sugar within our mouths. Masterjohn believes that this converted sugar sends signals to the body that carbohydrate is coming...
  12. lvysaur

    Does Slow Eating Help? Salivary Amylase And Flow Rate?

    I've noticed that when I eat fast, I get more endotoxin/estrogen symptoms. If I eat slowly, I don't get them. This is with regards to eating starchy foods. When I eat slowly, and "savor" my food, I end up producing more saliva while chewing. This could help by doing more amylose...
  13. Westside PUFAs

    Sugars From Fruit And Milk Vs. Starches
  14. S

    Dietitians Are Taught to Promote a Certain Amount of Starch in the Diet

    KMUD Radio, The Herb Doctors, 05/15/2015 [1] Passage of particles through the wall of the gastrointestinal tract [2] THE PHENOMENON OF PERSORPTION: PERSORPTION, DISSEMINATION, AND ELIMINATION OF MICROPARTICLES - HISTORY [3] Persorption of raw starch: a cause of senile...
  15. B

    Is The Starch In Banana The Dangerous "raw" Kind?

    ?? Is there any way you can convert the starch to sugar. If you just leave it on the counter it putrifies and does not taste very good any more?
  16. M

    Weight Loss: Reduce Starch Or Fat?

    Wouldn't the mixture of sugar (carbs in general) and fat promote the storage of fat? I would appreciate someone explaining this to me. Thanks.
  17. B

    Are There Any Safe Starches?

    Corn starch seems do go through the digestive tract undigested, but Ray Peat mentions masa harina to be OK. Masa Harina is not available in Europe so no more corn for me. Acording to Doctor Borkin gluten or gluten similar thing are in everything except rice and corn. Now what about rice and...
  18. N

    Peat "safe Starches"

    Juxtapose these two takes on the subject from Danny Roddy. The first is here (expressed in Mr. Roddy's inimitable style) in "Carbon Dioxide: The Real Reason Safe Starches Are a Joke" at