1. Limon9

    The Mitochondrial Progesterone Receptor (PR-M) In Human Sperm

    Haidut has written threads elsewhere about the necessity of the CatSper for male fertility, a calcium channel activated by progestogens: Male Fertility Depends On Intensity Of (sperm) Metabolism ... but did you know it expresses the "mitochondrial progesterone receptor" Dr. Peat talked about...
  2. BlackMolasses

    Saturated fats decrease quality of sperm ?

  3. tastyfood

    Diagnosed with early maturation arrest: I can't make sperm. Any ideas?

    I had my testicles biopsied in 36 different regions (Fine Needle Aspiration), and the pathology results showed early maturation arrest in all sites. The process stops at the primary spermatocyte stage for me. I had a varicocele repair 8 months ago, but it hasn't helped yet. I have normal...
  4. noqcks

    Help - Chemotherapy Induced Male Infertility

    This might be a long shot, but Im going to ask anyway! I had chemotherapy for Lymphoma in 2013, and did 6 months of BEACOPP chemotherapy. A nasty cocktail of drugs that has now rendered me sub-fertile by WHO standards. Before chemotherapy I attempted to collect sperm for storage, but was...
  5. lvysaur

    Semen Has Twice The Protein Of Milk

    protein in semen - Google Search What nutrients is my body losing when I ejaculate? - Quora protein in one liter milk - Google Search If you crunch the numbers, 1 liter of milk = 34g protein 1 liter of semen = 51g protein I'm reminded of how prolactin is the "lactation hormone", but it turns...
  6. haidut

    Male Fertility Depends On Intensity Of (sperm) Metabolism

    Yet another aspect of health that turns out to be directly controlled by quality/speed of metabolism. I made a few posts in the past demonstrating that progesterone and pregnenolone activate a calcium channel (CatSper) specific to progesterone, which greatly increases sperm motility...
  7. haidut

    Dads Pass On More Than Genetics In Their Sperm

    Another good study showing that our lifestyle choices directly affect our future children, despite what the morons in white coats keeps repeating. It has been known for years that dads in poorer health tend to beget more sickly children but the explanation had always been genetic - i.e. the dad...
  8. haidut

    Sperm Count (Biomarker Of Male Health) In The West Has Declined By 60% Since The 1970s

    This topic has been discussed on the forum a few times before but the humbers quotes by recent studies usually hovered around 20% - 30%, which did not cause much alarm among endocrinologists. Now, this larger study shows that the decline in male fertility is much worse than previously thought...
  9. P

    Bone Regulates Glucose Metabolism As An Endocrine Organ Through Osteocalcin

    Bone Regulates Glucose Metabolism as an Endocrine Organ through Osteocalcin. - PubMed - NCBI Skeleton was considered as a dynamic connective tissue, which was essential for mobility, calcium homeostasis, and hematopoietic niche. However more and more evidences indicate that skeleton works not...
  10. P

    Spermidine, Found In Cheese And Semen, Extends Lifespan Of Mice And May Work For Humans

    http://www.medicaldaily.com/key-longer-life-spermidine-found-cheese-and-semen-extends-lifespan-mice-and-404464 http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nm.4222.html Aging is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Here we show that oral...
  11. J

    Aspirin Lowering Sperm Motility?

    Thoughts on these studies revealing that habitual aspirin users potentially lowering sperm motility and testosterone? The testosterone study was done on rats but still somewhat scary. The effect of alcohol, tobacco, and aspirin consumption on seminal quality among healthy young men. - PubMed -...
  12. haidut

    Male Fertility Requires Progesterone And Antagonism Of A PUFA Metabolite

    Ray has written many times on progesterone's role in both female and male health. This study discovered that sperm actually has a progesterone "receptor" on its tail, and it is the activation of this "receptor" by progesterone that allows sperm to make the final push into the egg and perform the...
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