soybean oil

  1. haidut

    America’s Favorite Oil Causes Diabetes, Obesity, Autism, And Liver / Brain Disease

    A series of shockingly direct studies that do not shy away from pointing the finger at the real villain in modern public health history - PUFA, and more specifically the "essential" linoleic acid (LA). As the studies demonstrate, soy oil has strikingly detrimental effects on metabolic health and...
  2. L

    Soybean Oil Causes Obesity More Than Fructose & Coconut Oil

    Interesting study: found that a diet of soybean oil causes obesity more than a diet of fructose and or a diet of coconut oil: ... ceDaily%29
  3. D

    Which Vitamin E Products Don't Contain Soy Oil?

    Lately I've been researching the various Vit.E supplements over here in the stores, most of them are made with sunflower,saffloer,soy or wheatgerm oil which I all don't want. There's one brand which I bought the last couple of times that's based on olive oil,but it's also a very expensive brand...