soybean oil

  1. haidut

    PUFA cause obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, and depression

    The title is an actual quote from the article, so there is no editorializing on my part and it speaks volumes about how the authors feel about their findings. In addition, opposite effects were found for saturated fats, in this case coconut oil, which leads the authors to once again remind...
  2. Kvothe

    Compared to soybean oil and olive oil coconut oil results in endotoxemia and fatty liver

    Consumption of soybean or olive oil at recommended concentrations increased the intestinal microbiota diversity and insulin sensitivity and prevented fatty liver compared to the effects of coconut oil Author links open overlay panelValeriaLópez-Salazarab1 Mónica...
  3. haidut

    America’s Favorite Oil Causes Diabetes, Obesity, Autism, And Liver / Brain Disease

    A series of shockingly direct studies that do not shy away from pointing the finger at the real villain in modern public health history - PUFA, and more specifically the "essential" linoleic acid (LA). As the studies demonstrate, soy oil has strikingly detrimental effects on metabolic health and...
  4. L

    Soybean Oil Causes Obesity More Than Fructose & Coconut Oil

    Interesting study: found that a diet of soybean oil causes obesity more than a diet of fructose and or a diet of coconut oil: ... ceDaily%29
  5. D

    Which Vitamin E Products Don't Contain Soy Oil?

    Lately I've been researching the various Vit.E supplements over here in the stores, most of them are made with sunflower,saffloer,soy or wheatgerm oil which I all don't want. There's one brand which I bought the last couple of times that's based on olive oil,but it's also a very expensive brand...
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