1. ThisWorld

    Switched to soy milk

    I switched to vegan type of milks from the alpro brand, and I digest it much better than normal whole milk which gives me massive diarrhea. According to cronometer it has less pufa than normal whole milk. Anyone with similar experiences as me?
  2. Grapelander

    Long-term Soy Consumption Makes Monkeys Aggressive Loners

    Long-term Soy Consumption Makes Monkeys Aggressive Loners Consuming soy could make you an aggressive loner, reveals surprising study ‘In the monkeys fed the higher amount of isoflavones, frequencies of intense aggressive (67% higher) and submissive (203% higher) behavior were elevated relative...

    Make Sure Your Eggs Are Soy-Free!

    Just found out that Vital Farms is feeding their chickens "unprocessed soymeal." Absolutely diabolical. Thankfully I easily found an organic brand that is soy-free, and I have switched over for good. Be careful out there, lads.
  4. burtlancast

    RP Email Advice Comment: Umami

    Not quite following Ray here; he's on record to avoid aspartate and glutamate Soybeans fermented traditionnally are notorious for freeing glutamate and triggering headaches in msg sensible people.
  5. P

    Your Breasts Don’t Lie: Soy, Flax And Other Estrogenic Foods And Herbs Trigger Precancerous Breasts

    Full article: Estrogenic Foods, Herbs That Trigger Precancerous Breasts Some of the actual thermograms images: Using Thermography to Monitor the Effect of Soy, Flax and Other Estrogenic Products | Dr. Kaayla Daniel "In Breast Cancer Boot Camp, coauthored with William B. Hobbins MD, Sellens...
  6. L

    Soybean Oil Causes Obesity More Than Fructose & Coconut Oil

    Interesting study: found that a diet of soybean oil causes obesity more than a diet of fructose and or a diet of coconut oil: ... ceDaily%29
  7. haidut

    Soy protein detrimental for muscles strength in older people

    A humans study, which once again confirms the detrimental effect of soy on muscles. According to the authors, the effect is likely due to the estrogenic properties of soy. Btw, the high dairy protein group had the biggest increase in strength gain. ...
  8. haidut

    Another study shows GMO soy can cause serious health problems

    After the first study was retracted by the journal against its authors' wishes (thanks to heavy lobbying by Monsanto), another study has shown similar results in rats - i.e. kidney, liver and reproductive toxicity. I wonder how much of these effects are due to the fact that the soy is GMO and...
  9. haidut

    Soy has negative effect on breast cancer patients

    Ray has written about the powerful estrogenic effects of soy, so this study does not surprise me but it is the first one I see that draws a conclusion that soy may be contra-indicated for breast cancer. So far all other soy studies claimed that it either prevented cancer or helped survival. A...
  10. haidut

    Tofu / Soy Is Toxic To The Brain

    Ray wrote in one of his articles that tofu is associated with dementia. It is likely that it is the tofu's (and all soy products for that matter) highly estrogenic effects that are to blame. There was a study back in 2009 that confirmed Ray's views and this latest (and larger) study adds even...
  11. haidut

    Dairy best for endotoxin protection; soy protein worst

    The study used a number of different dairy proteins as well as soya. The whole milk powder was least inflammatory on the stomach but when endotoxin did form then other dairy proteins were better. Soy protein fared worst, which is not a surprise. ...
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