1. Twohandsondeck

    [Using rock powders for health] Book notes/summary: The Enlivened Rock Powders by Harvey Lisle

    [Not sure where this should be posted, but putting it under "health" because the book is basically one giant explanation about how and why rock powders can be used as a basis of overall life improvement by increasing natural magnetic forces in the soil and potentially the body] Just finished...
  2. :M :B.

    Compost is NOT SOIL, soil is Sand, Silt, and Clay. Exposing the compost scam with Gary's Best.

    Atom Bergstrom brought Gary's Best Gardening to my attention about a year ago and I learned that Gary is a bit of a legend and scam-busting kind of guy. He was a little kid growing up on his fathers nursery and witnessed the great soil scam happen. His story is awesome and can be found in his...
  3. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview My 2nd podcast episode with Ray (recorded 10/29) released today.

    It was awesome having Ray on again. He was a big inspiration for me even starting the podcast, I really want to help people become exposed to his information especially in our current state of affairs. This was truly a podcast marathon, lots of rabbit holes, questions and interesting insights...