1. soul_rebel

    Best Place to Live (Outside of the USA)

    Opinions on what is the best city / country (outside of USA) to live for a Peat centered lifestyle? Additional layer is institutions and political orientation. A thread was recently started for best place in USA. A place like Mexico checks the boxes for climate and sun, but it lacks rule of...
  2. ScurveDream

    Jobs will not fix poverty, improve standard of living much, or overall quell financial problems

    It's said by many political figureheads, workaday people, your neighbors possibly and family, etc. that more access to jobs will help lift people out of poverty. The funny thing is, though, that plenty of substantial data can likely be found that shows fluctuations in job demand, supply, etc...
  3. ScurveDream

    With oversaturation, inflation, superabundance & extremity, almost everything/body becomes worthless

    We live in a constantly "updated" world now -- social media, technocracy, dog-eat-dog, etc. Mostly everyone is always trying to improve their game, often at the cost of many others -- nothing new probably in a sense, but it's the effect over time that might matter now. I find that it's hard to...
  4. ScurveDream

    Homelessness: A Blessing In Disguise? Not So Bad In A Sense?

    I have always wondered if being homeless is really supposedly the "zero world" -- the rock bottom -- the sign that you've "lost the game of life." There are obviously cons of it like anything but has anyone really poked the proverbial bear of experience? Sure, it sounds bad which makes finding...

    A High Serotonin Society | Morning Routines, Self-Improvement, Habit Tracking

    I was watching a funny video an hour ago, about a 'rich' young guy who has a picture-perfect morning routine which sounded like it was inspired by this famous scene from American Psycho: I don't remember where I heard it, but isn't the desire to track everything, obsess over routines, and have...
  6. bzmazu

    BE UNSHAKEABLE. Don't Be Affected By Events

  7. P

    Multi Racial Society - The Biggest Stressor Of Them All?

    i considered making a burner account for this one because i dont want people to stop giving me good advice but im going to trust that the users here are mature enough to not take this personally. living in a big European city, dealing all the immigrants is naturally very stressful to me. but...
  8. ScurveDream

    The Problem With Value: A Key Perspective To Work, Life & Experience

    I've always found it unsettling when people have expressed the idea that "value" is something one chooses -- but also something one can just have. When a big YouTube channel makes content it is said that content is deserving of monetization because it "provides value" to people -- a concept...
  9. ScurveDream

    Money/finances To Achieve Health -- Or Health First To Then Achieve It?

    Seems a tough method forward for people. Some pursue resources and funds so they can reach a place of health or "betterment" of sorts -- others try and achieve "salvation" of some sort even with nothing but the clothes on their backs (if even). What approach usually is the more optimal one...
  10. ScurveDream

    Time To Revolt? Mask Mandates & Social Distancing & The "new Normal?"

    Seems more and more states will keep implementing mask mandate laws -- i.e. requiring everyone to wear masks anywhere outside their homes or possibly being subject to criminal charges/misdemeanors/fines/etc. Like others probably imagine there might just be a "tipping point" where the so called...
  11. haidut

    Gorillas Have Developed Human-like "societies" That Are Not Based On Kin

    One of the central dogmas in biology is that any large number of animals behaving as a group in deliberate manner, spanning multiple generations, is invariably based on kin. The dogma argues that this is the only way individual survival and procreation can take a back stage to the interests of...
  12. haidut

    Societies With Little Coercion/oppression Have Little Mental Illness

    The author is a psychologist/psychiatrist whose posts commonly come on a site I visit often (Hacker News). I think his conclusions would not be surprising to the people on the forum considering the connection between coercion/oppression, serotonin, and a host of mental conditions. Still, it is...
  13. B

    Intelligence And Social Isolation

    I've heard Peat and others talk about how higher intelligence can tend to go with higher levels of social isolation. It seems like he takes the stance that it's the intelligence that causes one to not fit in, and become isolated, but I've been thinking about this a bunch lately, and I think it's...
  14. uuy8778yyi

    What Does A Serotonin/estrogen Dominant Society Behave/look Like

    what are some examples of a society, created via their hormonal problems ?