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  1. Drareg

    Woke dictionary/lexicon

    This website provides a good dictionary to translate what wokists are pumping into society. They want capitalism dismantled and believe a commie style utopia will be the result, the ideas are verbose and vague, it’s designed this way for good reason, most cults have this hallmark, its the use of...
  2. Drareg

    Moral Panic

    A moral panic is pretty much what covid has become, a fanatical cult, I have linked the spy run Wikipedia, it covers what a moral panic is reasonably well, the 2nd paragraph however tries to throw people off the scent of Jeffery Epstein and the elite paedophile ring by alluding to the pizzgate...
  3. Drareg

    The woke personas are starting bait threads here?

    Im concerned that the woke cancel authoritarians are starting and if not will start bait threads on this forum. The topics are usually around woke topics such as race, transgender, diversity, immigration "white supremacy", inequality, gender pronouns, "domestic terrorism", antisemitic etc etc...
  4. MatheusPN

    Cultural Marxism, Reds Against (W) Freedom

    Some right-wingers talk about and are against the forged and incongruent, "Cultural Marxism" classification. Funnily it's the same forged argument made by Nazis. Coincidentally the right who is into it is practically for the same reason as Nazis. The majority of "Cultural Marxists", hate/...
  5. L

    Marxism And The New Age Progressive Movements

    Can anyone elaborate why Ray is pro-Marxism, free education and a global base income? As far as I know, Socialism has never worked? Are these progressive left movements not the same people that are pushing veganism and PUFA? (WHOrg) They're also anti-small farms? And anti-nuclear families...