social status

  1. ScurveDream

    The Problem With Value: A Key Perspective To Work, Life & Experience

    I've always found it unsettling when people have expressed the idea that "value" is something one chooses -- but also something one can just have. When a big YouTube channel makes content it is said that content is deserving of monetization because it "provides value" to people -- a concept...
  2. haidut

    Low Social Status Damages The Immune System

    I have posted before on the link between status and health and I think user @Such_Saturation also posted a study on reversal of dominant social status leading to serotonergic dominance. This latest study shows that it is the relative difference of social status that matters. So, even though a...
  3. haidut

    Striving To Improve Social/Financial Status Negatively Affects Health

    It is a mantra we hear on TV every day - "work harder and you will live better". While that may be true in terms of financial success, it looks like that success does not come without a price. And the price is worse health due to the stress endured in order to climb the social ladder...