sleep loss

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    Help: Friend of Mine Wakes Up to Pee 4-5x Per Night (10+ years)

    Hello all Can you help? I have a friend who has been waking up 4-5x per night for as long as he can remember. Diet: mainly meat, veg, fruit, eggs and dairy Supplements: glycine, theanine, magnesium and cypro before bed Light: AM and PM sun gazing to optimise circadian rhythms +...
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    T4 Causes Sleep Problems At Nights?

    I have read that it should actually improve sleep, and make you relaxed and sleepy but me and another person I give the t4 both experience insomnia or only a few hours of sleep in total, with tossing and turning, when we take it in the evenings. The dose is 25 mcg. Has anybody else experienced...
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    Sleep Loss Increases FFA