1. JamesGatz

    Does Peating (over-time) decrease the size of your stomach by increasing the size of your brain - changing your food tolerance (fruit/starch)

    I was reading this from "The Expensive-Tissue Hypothesis: The Brain and the Digestive System in Human and Primate Evolution": I noted the following as extremely relevant : "Gut Size is highly correlated with diet, and relatively small guts are compatible only with high-quality...
  2. JamesGatz

    Does a larger skull on a person signal higher intelligence ? Examining intelligence of animals with high brain-to-body (EQ) Ratios

    I think it would be useful to have a discussion on brain size and intelligence - the reason I put skull size in the thread title is that I think it is safe for one to assume that the brain cannot grow "bigger" without more space available in the skull - hence the skull having to grow bigger as...
  3. JamesGatz

    Were males destined to die young ? Examining life expectancies in humans and mammals - males vs females

    I think by now most of us have heard about the idea that women live longer than men - "Among humans, women's life span is almost 8% on average longer than men's life span." "In every human population, women live longer than men, so much so...
  4. Drareg

    Growth And Development Of The Human Craniofacial Skeleton

    Short and interesting video on skulls.:skull::skull::skull:
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