1. C

    Video Proof Of Ray Peat Looking At Least 15 Years Younger Than His Age (Is He Actually 69 Here???)

    Video proof from before lying video filters (Born 1936-video date 2005) View: I'm hoping some commenters will be willing to critic his looks and ignore the rest. I would guess he was in his early 50s but if I include his voice and movement in my analysis he...
  2. S

    Super lice/mites/?

    Hi all Hoping for some wisdom and support. For 7 weeks I have been dealing with an infestation of my body (probably my home too). They are microscopic mites. I cannot see them but I have black dots and what looks like tiny black single wings (not saying that is what it is but it is what it...
  3. C

    Have Filters Changed The Game? Who Looks Good? What now?

    Can you trust your eyes anymore on who's doing things right? I would look for long term vegans, fruitarians, keto etc. to see how they're holding up in their video interviews. Photos have been useless for decades but videos still told the truth until recently. I've noticed a lot of older...
  4. B

    Considerations on Methylene Blue for skin

    There are a few published articles circulating here about using methylene blue for skin health and several people have reported trying this. The articles include: Anti-Aging Potentials of Methylene Blue for Human Skin Longevity - Scientific Reports
  5. cs3000

    Skin wound healing acceleration

    with clean hands use 100% lanolin on wound, and sprinkle in some colostrum + bromelain + proline powder 1-2 times daily spread out should enhance healing well tested this with someone who had ulceration on skin pretty deep from a spider bite for weeks. (wound from spider bites often delayed)...
  6. HeartGold

    Sun damage

    Hi! Is it possible to heal this type of sun damage? Does it look dehydrated? I’m only 28 and had great skin until I was 26. My guess is that it’s from a combination of sun, stress and pollution. I tried niaciamide (orally), thiamine(orally), tallow and progesterone cream but not much helped...
  7. curious_anthro

    Another acne thread...are there any true success stories?

    Sorry for yet another thread on this but I wanted up to date feedback... also, I have talked about this on other threads but I wanted to focus specifically on acne here. I feel like this is one issue on the forum that I don't see many people reporting true healing from. Perhaps there are...
  8. Insomnia

    Launched My Company Skincare by Vincent. Use Code PEAT2022 for a 10% Discount.

    Some time ago I made a thread about skincare. I launched my skincare company recently. I did this because there are so many skincare products out there with unneccesary and potentially toxic ingredients. That's why I decided to make products that are clean, simple yet effective. One of the hard...
  9. Insomnia

    How much are you willing to you spend on skincare?

    I wanted to do a little survey on how much people are willing to spend on skincare. Typically bottles start at 30ml, so I take that as an example. The questions is simple: how much are you willing to spend on a skincare product monthly (assuming 30ml lasts approximately a month).
  10. BearWithMe

    People who sunbathe often have much higher exposure to environmental toxins -> skin cancer

    Our species evolved for hundreds of thousands of years in Africa, spending most of our lives under direct sunlight. At times, there was much more UV radiation reaching Earth than today (magnetic field fluctuations, changes in solar activity...) Nowadays, air is full of garbage ranging from...
  11. Insomnia

    Waterbased Skincare Ingredient Selection

    For those who don't know I am formulating skincare since many products on the market contain ingredients that are unneccesary. I have already made an oil-based serum which was pretty easy to make. Not everyone likes oil-based serums and later I started formulating a waterbased one. I have tried...
  12. MyUsernameHere

    Measuring Vitamin & Mineral Content via Skin?

    So, about 10 years ago when I still regularly visited doctors, this one time at my then-GP, a nutritionist which I believe worked for Twinlab was giving this free mineral & vitamin content analysis. It involved, as far as I remember, holding two probes connected to some kind of device for a few...
  13. A


    Thinking of doing this. I have some concerns however. Does Tretinoin thin the skin, males tend to have thicker skin and there is a concern online that tretinoin can thin a mans skin making him look more feminine. Does Tretinoin cause fat loss/especially preiorbital fat loss around the eyes, i...
  14. K

    Plantar wart treatment? (It’s spreading!)

    Hi all! Has anyone effectively treated plantar wart/s? I picked one up a couple years ago after using a contaminated pumice stone (big oops), and have kept it covered with bandaids in hopes it would clear. In the last couple months, I’ve noticed a couple smaller warts popping up around the...
  15. haidut

    Vitamin D (topical) safe and effective for removing scars

    A neat human study, which demonstrates that topical treatment with vitamin D may treat even large scars that have been present on the skin for years. Many people have such scars as a result of surgery, trauma, chemical/heat burns, radiation, etc. As the study says, the typical treatment is with...
  16. FitnessMike

    Homemade face moisturizer/anti aging serum ingredients advice?

    I want to dissolve vit E pills in coconut oil/shea butter? what else would you guys recommend to dissolve in it? vit k2? Methylene blue? Also, what concentration of the vitamins should that be per let's say 100ml of oil?
  17. miraddo

    Miraddo's thoughts

    Hi Guys, I will be posting my thoughts and research findings related to metabolism and skin health. Ray Peat, Danny Roddy, and Georgi DInkov have been really helpful in my journey and I have incorporated alot of ideas from them. That being said this log will be me following my own lines of...
  18. UG Krishnamurti

    Doxycycline impairs oxidative metabolism and causes eczema and bad skin

    So I've fixed my eczema for the past 4 months by eating Ray's way and more importantly adding VIT K + D - which was the main culprit of getting rid of ezcema first time since my 20's. I've been eczema free up until 7 days ago when I started experimenting with doxycycline: 1 day: 300mg doxy 2...
  19. Mauritio

    The skin as a steroidogenic organ

    Here's a collection of studies on the skin as a steroidogenic organ mainly to show that hormones like pregnenolone have a different metabolization topically, compared to orally. "The cutaneous steroidogenic system can also have systemic effects, which are emphasized by significant skin...
  20. T

    Lethargy, Skinproblems and swollen Nose

    Hey Guys After a big weightloss (done with keto) in my life, i've rebound some weight back and ate a lot of crap like chips and chocolate etc. A few months into bad dieting i pretty quickly started to have some health issues. At first i had problems with acid reflux everytime I lay down. Weeks...
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