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  1. poilochio

    Need advise (pics included) Big Toe possible " Psoriasis" ?

    So for about 6months my girlfriend has been having this skin issue on her big toe. It all began after she went to a pedicure where they accidentally cut a bit into the toe. She already went to two doctors they took some skin cultures but it turned out negative for fungus or Bacterial...
  2. curious_anthro

    Another acne thread...are there any true success stories?

    Sorry for yet another thread on this but I wanted up to date feedback... also, I have talked about this on other threads but I wanted to focus specifically on acne here. I feel like this is one issue on the forum that I don't see many people reporting true healing from. Perhaps there are...
  3. B

    Skin health: On the topic of topical skincare with Georgi Dinkov and Dr. Peat... March 8, 2022 Emma Sgourakis

    When it comes to the integrity of the skin and how to delay the visible signs of ageing, it’s for the most part to do with food and lifestyle. A good place to start is earlier my article here. Red lighthelps too! Also, putting the right substances on your skin will make a positive difference...
  4. haidut

    PUFA/Statins Promote UV Damage & Skin Cancer (melanoma), Cholesterol Is Protective

    Several people asked Peat over email about the dangers of sun exposure. He responded by saying that the main danger is the lipid (PUFA) perodixation caused by the UV lights and that taking some aspirin, vitamin E, or niacinamide greatly reduces the damage. The study below confirms that PUFA may...
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