1. JamesGatz

    Why sitting in a chair is not natural and possibly detrimental and the correct way to use the bathroom

    As some of us may know - there has been many discussions on the correct way to use the bathroom on the internet - how squatting is the most natural position It seems that sitting has the Puborectalis choke the rectum and is not ideal to sit at the toilet - if you notice - you instinctively...
  2. JamesGatz

    Standing vs Sitting while at a computer - which is better and why ?

    I was reading this thread the other day : Interestingly enough from personal experience - I do feel a lot more effort is put on my body if I stand while on my computer vs sitting - but I...
  3. haidut

    Standing At Work May Be A Lot More Dangerous Than Sitting

    I am sure many people here have seen the flood of ads for "standing desks" - a raised desk without a chair which a person uses to work in an upright position instead of sitting. Thee have been many health claims made for these desks, none of which have been verified so far in controlled studies...
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