1. Inaut

    The Basic Chemistry Of Our Diet

    So I just read this article... most of it is in line with what Peat prescribes but something’s make me scratch my head. Mainly the part about terpenes inhibiting oxidation @LeeLemonoil :( I found two things rather interesting: 1. The necessity of calcium and 2. The necessity of silica. So...
  2. T

    Orthosilicic Acid Removes Aluminum From The Brains, Prevents Alzheimer's?

    According to this professor in the following video who has been studying aluminum contamination, taking orthosilicic acid will remove aluminum from the brains, and since aluminum contamination in the brains has been linked to Alzheimer's, this could possibly prevent it. There is also a study...
  3. P

    Zinc And Silicon Metabolism In Highly Trained Athletes During Heavy Exercise

    [Zinc and silicon metabolism in highly trained athletes during heavy exercise]. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Trained male athletes were under study. It was found that under the effect of physical stress during the contest in ski race (30 and 50 km) the increase of the zink and silicon levels in...
  4. P

    A Bound Form Of Silicon In Glycosaminoglycans And Polyuronides Abstract Silicon was found to be a constituent of certain glycosaminoglycans and polyuronides, where it occurs firmly bound to the polysaccharide matrix. 330-554 ppm of bound Si were detected in purified hyaluronic acid from umbilical cord, chondroitin...
  5. uuy8778yyi

    How Important Is Silica In The Formation Of Gelatin/collagen ?

    are gelatin/collagen the same thing ? and if so, how important is the mineral silica in their formation ?
  6. P


    here is an interesting article about silicon i didnt understand all concept in it but here is a diagram shows that as silicon levels decrease in body calcium levels increase and that silicon levels are at highest in early years of life and...