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  1. J

    Sulfur in Black Seed oil.

    Anyone know if there are any sulfur molecules in Black seed oil? I've gotten contradicting information from different companies. I'm searching for some clarity. Thank you!
  2. J

    Dmannose and Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO

    Anyone know if this is safe for H2S sibo? I have a UTI. I read that Hydrogen sulfide only has affinity for anything sulfur. So I assume this is safe short term?
  3. J

    Apple cider vinegar in small intestine...

    Can someone explain to me what happens to Apple cider vinegar once it gets to the small intestine? Does it remain acidic there? I've had luck with it helping digestion but my main issue is bacterial overgrowth in intestines. I want something to travel to the small intestine and nuke all the...
  4. A

    Best tolerated Sugar for SIBO/Candida Patients

    I have SIBO and perhaps candida issues due to being hypothyroid. This may be why I can't tolerate sugars and artificial sweeteners. I get extreme stomach bloat, back pain, scalp itch and diarrhea(from artificial sweeteners) . I have tried white and brown sugar, honey, agave, maple, stevia...
  5. blackface

    Take the Parasite Pill!

    Its time for some schizo posting. @JamesGatz you can gladly join. I just stumbled upon this document called "Parasite Pill 2.0" which was mostly likely created on 4chan or somewhere in those circles. I think that RP community is very well knowledgable about bacteria, parasites and gut health...
  6. J

    LDN and Sibo

    Years ago I had a horrible reaction to LDN related to my SIBO. I now know I have a sulfur sensitivity and I was curious what Low Dose Naltrexone is composed of. It doesn't look like a sulfur compound but can it somehow affect the bacteria that are sulfur producing? thanks.
  7. Sweatshop Toad

    Three Day Niacin Flush

    Lately, whenever I take regular niacin (not niacinamide) I've begun exhibiting some very unusual symptoms. In addition to the immediate flush, I find that I'll also experience a less intense (about 50% the strength) flush periodically for the next few days at random intervals. Additionally, I...
  8. J

    BPC-157 PH level

    Hi everyone! I am falling into the BPC-157 rabbit hole and was hoping to try the BPC-157 in oral form. I believe it is the arginate salt type. But I have unique SIBO symptoms that do not react well to alkaline substances or anything of oily nature. You would think MCT oil C8+C10 would have...
  9. J

    Gastritis pain

    Ok I did something stupid. I have just started to trial zinc carnosine but since I have SIBO and low stomach acid, thought I’d take a spoonful of diluted apple cider vinegar to digest my dinner. Now my stomach is gurgling and in burning pain. Was thinking of using marshmallow tea but since...
  10. J


    Can anyone be so kind to tell me if TUDCA is alkaline in nature once in the stomach. I had a terrible reaction to Bile salts because my stomach is so alkaline and caused my SIBO/Candida to blow up. The reason for the SIBO is because my digestive system is a mess after going through long term...
  11. A


    https://hackyourgut.com/2016/11/03/10-reasons-why-people-with-sibo-should-care-about-bile Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is commonly found in people with IBS. The small intestine houses a miniscule number of bacteria when compared to the colon. When bacteria overgrow in the small...
  12. AlphaD

    7 day water fast + Rectal Ozone + RO water enemas = ended a 7 year journey of hell!

    Just went through hell and back. Been struggling with insomnia and gut issues for the longest time. Came across RP and got a little careless with antibiotics which ended up giving me SIBO (I suspect). Took over a year to get rid of it but developed histamine issues. Tried everything under...
  13. Yonebayashian

    Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria: Nuisance or helpers?

    A growing idea in the nu-nutrition sphere is that parasites and bacteria play an essential role in the selective decomposition of diseased tissue; preferentially leaving healthy tissue alone akin to how predators seek out the diseased members of a herd. Such proponents claim that the harm...
  14. W

    Chelating agents for biofilm disruption

    Any idea how to decrease ALA absorption in the gut? I think taking it with carrot salad/mushrooms, anything else? Alternatively, how to decrease its transport through BBB? I want to incorporate it into my protocol for biofilm disruption in the intestines, so I'm looking to avoid systemic effect...
  15. M

    Antibiotics for sibo? Which one?

    I’ll try to convince my doctor to try sibo treatment next week. What should I try to get? Or just try allicin and olive leaf extract? maybe really sibo is causing malabsorption and that’s why my zinc and copper stay low. i had bowel movements only every few days. I don’t know if this alone...
  16. Sam321

    2 Weeks of Rifaximin/Neomycin Did Nothing to Cull My Methane Dominant Sibo.

    So I've struggled with insomnia since February after taking a round of Penecillin. (See: here) It has gotten much better since covid restrictions lifting and being able to hang out with my friends more and all that. I still deal with a night or two here and there of not sleeping though and that...
  17. Hans

    From White To Clear: How I Transformed My Tongue In Only 8 Days

    I recently had a bad experience with food poisoning on top of a stressful day. In short, I got some digestive issues, which I was able to fix in no time with this stack. https://men-elite.com/2021/05/14/from-white-to-clear-how-i-transformed-my-tongue-in-only-8-days/
  18. charlie

    The treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with enteric-coated peppermint oil: a case report

    Abstract Recent investigations have shown that bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine is associated with a number of functional somatic disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. A number of controlled studies have shown that...
  19. Sam321

    Experiences with "elemental" or "FODMAPS" diet for SIBO?

    I tested positive for methane SIBO and my naturopath is suggesting either an elemental diet (see link) or FODMAPS diet in combination with an herbal antibiotic (or rifaximin if thats what I want). Does anyone have experience with either two of these diets. If so, I'd appreciate hearing about it...
  20. beeohbeebeewhy

    Borderline Hypothyroid, Histamine Intolerance? Leaky Gut? Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO?? Need Help

    Background/Intro: Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to most of Peat's ideas, I was Keto/Paleo with elements of Primal (raw eggs/raw dairy) until I stopped being able to tolerate raw milk/yogurt, the only dairy I have now is raw butter, I've been having some health issues recently on top of the...